Restrictive Gun Proposal Not Likely to Go Any Where; Faking It Brings Big Bucks; Long Time Area Physician to be Remembered

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26 February 2013

Faking it on stage brings the real thing…

It created a big stir when Beyonce did it at President Obama’s 2nd Inauguration.  But when representatives of eight different groups lip-synched last Saturday at Three Rivers Casino… well, it generated nearly $16-thousand for the Boys and Girls Club of Western Lane County.

Jonathon Hicks – “That’s a huge bump to our overall viability.  We’re moving into our summer program which is our largest expense time for us with, typically, the lowest incoming so this is what makes sure that we make it through to another school year.”

Club executive Jonathon Hicks said the annual Fraudville competition accounts for about half of the extra funds the club needs to get through the summer recreation season.

Jonathon Hicks – “Fraudville and the golf tournament together are what support us from the end of school all the way until September.”

In addition to providing daily services for as many as 600 young people each week, the club is busy preparing for their next big fund raiser… the Fore Kids Golf Tournament… June 1st at Sandpines Golf.

Gun Bill Not Likely To Proceed

Even an Oregon state lawmaker who is the chief sponsor of a bill to ban many semi-automatic firearms and high-capacity ammunition magazines says the measure is – quote – “pretty flawed” in its current form.  Portland Democrat Mitch Greenlick doesn’t explain, however, just why he supported house bill 3200, which he adds, is not really “in play”.

Greenlick says the bill as introduced goes too far in not only banning the sale of such weapons but in limiting each gun owner to continued possession of just one of the firearms.  He disagrees with a provision that would allow state police to investigate gun owners who possess one of the weapons to make sure the guns are stored safely.

It’s not likely that the bill in its current form will even make it out of committee.  Senate Judiciary Chair Floyd Prozanski of Eugene says he doesn’t plan to proceed with any bill to ban the sale of semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines.  House Judiciary Chair Jeff Barker of Aloha also says he is opposed to such bans.

Ulman Memorial Set

Fr. R.W. Ulman, a long time Florence physician, passed away February 21st at the age of 85.  A memorial will be held Sunday, March 10th, 2 PM at the Florence Events Center.
Dr. R.W. Ulman, a long time Florence physician, passed away February 21st at the age of 85. A memorial will be held Sunday, March 10th, 2 PM at the Florence Events Center.

Long time Florence physician Richard Ulman will be remembered March 10th during a memorial at the Florence Events Center.  He passed away February 21st at the age of 85.

One year after his arrival in 1955 he convinced another young doctor to join his practice.  Ulman and Dr. Fred Bower shared an office for about 15 years.

Fred Bower – “We never actually got to do anything much together in a fun type of thing because one of us had to stay here in town.”

Bower said things were pretty primitive in those days… especially compared to today’s technology.  Doctors handled most of their own lab work; many procedures were handled in the office.

Fred Bower – “There was no CAT scans, no MRIs, none of that advanced imaging, we just had X-rays.”

Both were instrumental in the 1957 construction of Western Lane Hospital on 12th Street… then went through the process again 30 years later when they were among a group that was successful in convincing Sacred Heart Hospital to build Peace Harbor.

Ulman’s memorial will be Sunday, March 10th, two pm at the Florence Events Center.