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3 December 2013

Bundle Up…

It’s going to be cold.  Very cold.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service say there will be plenty of arctic air filtering into the northwest over the next several days… bringing cold and dry weather.  Later this week however, there will be some clouds bringing precipitation… most likely in the form of snow… by late Thursday.  That’s when a low pressure system is expected to form offshore near Astoria and move down the coast later in the day before heading inland.

For now though, temperatures are expected to plummet to the mid 20s along the coast overnight… into the teens inland.  Daytime temperatures will likely remain below freezing away from the coastal strip… but rise to the mid 30s near the ocean influence.

Forecasters say it’s a good idea to make sure your home is secured against the cold weather to prevent freezing pipes.

Don’t Throw Heat Out the Window

With the lowest temperatures of the season so far expected today and this week, utility officials say it’s not too late to take some steps to prevent losing heat from your home.

Cover drafty windows with a heavy duty, clear plastic sheet on the inside of the window frames and keep your drapes closed if you have them.

Consider placing towels, blankets or store-bought draft-blockers at the base of particularly drafty doors to prevent cold air from leaking in.  Maybe apply weather stripping around door jambs.

If you have central heating… clean or replace furnace filters to make sure your system is operating more efficiently.

And… set your thermostat as low as comfortable during the day and lower it by about ten degrees when you are away or asleep.

Thanksgiving Traffic Fatalities

Fatal crashes bracketed each end of the Thanksgiving travel period in Oregon, leaving two people dead.  Oregon State Police responded to 120 crashes over the five-day Thanksgiving Holiday… seven of those involved drivers under the influence of intoxicants.

Lieutenant Gregg Hastings said the first fatality was at one AM Thanksgiving Day when a 25-year old woman died in a single vehicle crash south of Lebanon.  A 26-year old woman died in Gresham early Sunday morning in a two-vehicle collision.