2014 Election Shaping Up

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12 March 2014

2014 election takes shape after filing deadline

The 2014 election took much clearer shape Tuesday as the deadline passed for people seeking office to declare their intentions.

In Lane County, West Lane Commissioner Jay Bozievich will face Dawn Lesley in the primary.  If neither candidate wins a clear majority in that race, they’ll both be on the ballot again in November.

House District Nine Representative Caddy McKeon (muh-QUE-in) does not have any opposition in the primary, but she will face a general election opponent in the fall.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley and all five of Oregon’s representatives in the U.S. House are seeking re-election. Democrat Peter DeFazio is unopposed in the primary; he too will face opposition in November.

Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber will go up against a long-shot primary challenger. Six Republicans are vying for the gubernatorial nomination with southern Oregon State Representative Dennis Richardson of Central Point considered to be the front-runner.

The Primary is May 20th.

Are You Ready?

Three years ago this week a devastating 9-point-oh magnitude earthquake and a following tsunami claimed more than 15-thousand lives in Japan.  More than a quarter-million people there are still living in temporary housing; and people all around the Pacific continue to watch a nuclear power plant that was practically destroyed in the quake as it pours hundreds of thousands of gallons of radioactive water into the ocean.

Closer to home, a 6.8 magnitude quake off the Northern California coast earlier this week was felt by hundreds, but did no damage.

All of that leads safety experts to continue to ask if you would be ready if a large quake and tsunami were to strike here.

Anna Alexopoulos with the nonprofit group Federal Alliance for Safe Homes… also known as FLASH… is offering tips for west coast residents.

Alexopoulus says you need to learn tsunami warning signs; know what to do if the ground shakes and where to go.  Remember; tsunamis are actually a series of waves and the first one is not always the largest.  Develop a family emergency plan and always carry an emergency kit with you.

QCCF – 97J Agreement

The Siuslaw School Board is being asked to take final action this evening on a five-year lease agreement for the Quality Child Care Facility with the Boys and Girls Club.

QCCF originated the lease and placed the building on the grounds of the Middle School two years ago.  The group abruptly turned over operations to the Boys and Girls Club last fall.

That rendered the original lease invalid and triggered a new round of negotiations.

Officials have come up with a new five-year lease agreement that is similar to the original.

The building will be used for daycare up to three years old.  The Boys and Girls Club will pay $300 a month rent to the district.

The School Board meets at 6:30 this evening at the District Office on Oak Street.

The Cost of Getting Around

The average cash price for a gallon of regular gasoline has held relatively stable in the past week; it’s gone up only a penny a gallon to $3.31.

Things are a little different across the state and the country.  The national average price, as measured by Triple-A increased by three cents this week to $3.49.

In Oregon the average jumped by eight-cents a gallon to $3.54 and is now the highest it’s been in five months.

Marie Dodds with Triple-A of Oregon says she expects prices in Oregon to top out at around $3.85 a gallon later this spring.