Police Chief Finalists Available to the Public

17 April 2014

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Meet the Chief Candidates

The half-dozen finalists for the Florence Police Chief job are undergoing interviews today in front of a panel of law enforcement officials from around the area.  This evening, they’ll be available for the public to meet and greet.  City Manager Jacque Betz, who will make the final decision, says this evening’s reception at the Florence Events Center will be casual.

Jacque Betz – “It really is just an informal process and you know, with communications now people can email or they can call city hall and say ‘hey I really like this person’ or ‘I didn’t like this person’.”

She’s hoping to hear from residents about their preferences.

Jacque Betz – “We’re also going to have bios on the candidates available at the meet and greet so that if you want a little bit more specific information you can.”

The six will meet with a panel of city department heads tomorrow.  Betz says she hopes to have two top candidates identified by late next week with the final selection coming by the end of this month.  This evening’s event runs from 5:30 to 7:30.

Warrant Service Blocks Pacific Avenue

If you’re in the Westlake area and trying to reach Highway 101 this morning… you may want to have another cup of coffee.

A large concentration of law enforcement vehicles and armed officers is reported on Pacific Avenue and traffic is blocked.

Witnesses in the area say it appears they are executing a raid on a residence in the area but no other details have been released.

Japanese Debris on the Decline

The amount of debris on Oregon beaches that can be directly traced to that earthquake and tsunami in Japan three years ago is on the decline.  Oregon Parks and Recreation Department spokesman Chris Havel says a special hotline set up to take reports on the debris is down to about one call a day.  Visitors and officials alike are still seeing some Japanese debris, but it’s far less now than just a year ago.

Havel says small pieces of foam, wood and plastic will likely continue to trickle in.

There have been several small boats and structural timbers from shrines identified on area beaches, and the largest piece was that massive 66-foot dock that washed up on Agate Beach near Newport two years ago.

Coastal monitoring will continue; as will signs advising what to do with any debris.  Trash bags will continue to be available at some beaches.

Holy Week  Observances

Community observances of the Easter Holiday begin this evening “Holy Thursday” Mass of the Last Supper at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  “Maundy Thursday” services of communion will be offered at New Life Lutheran; Presbyterian Church of the Siuslaw; and St. Andrews Episcopal.

Good Friday services will be offered in Florence and in Reedsport tomorrow with each community’s ministerial association cooperating.  In Douglas County, it will be hosted at Harbor Baptist Church in Winchester Bay at noon.

In Florence, a city-wide service is entitled “Three Hours at the Cross”.  It runs from noon to three at Florence Nazarene Church.  It’s broken down into 30-minute segments.

Several local churches will also offer Good Friday afternoon or evening services tomorrow as well.