Rhody Vendor Fair Headed for Approval

21 April 2014

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Rhody Festival Street Fair Expected to be Approved

The Florence City Council is expected to approve a request this evening to close one block of Maple Street in Old Town for a vendor fair during next month’s Rhododendron Festival.

The request, by the festival organizer Florence Area Chamber of Commerce, is made under a city code provision that specifies the requirements for such a request.

As of last week there was one formal objection to that proposal.

Andres and Deborah Ruiz, owners of a gift shop on Bay Street say the fair brings unfair competition to their shop so they will close for the festival weekend.

City staff, in a report to the council, says the Chamber has met all the requirements and is recommending approval.

As many as 34 different food and merchandise sellers will be set up in the block of Maple Street between Bay and First Streets.

The City Council is expected to approve it this evening.

UO Campus Republicans to Host County Commission Hopefuls

Seven of the ten candidates actively seeking a seat on the Lane County Board of Commissioners will be on hand Wednesday evening on the University of Oregon Campus for a moderated forum.

Staff with the Emerald Media Group, the student operated campus news organization, will moderate the event that has been organized by the Campus Republicans.  It will feature candidates from all three contested races.  Those include East Lane candidates Faye Stewart, Kevin Matthews and Jack Schoolcraft; Springfield District  candidates Sid Leiken and Sheri Moore; as well as Jay Bozievich and Dawn Lesley in West Lane.

Three other candidates have been invited, but will not be participating.  Those include Joann Ernst; Charmaine Rehg; and Jose Ortal.

The Forum will be at Prince Lucien Campbell Hall at 14th and Kincaid on the U of O Campus Wednesday from seven until 9:30 PM.

Just Say No… to dumping drugs

Environmental and water quality experts say dumping those unused prescription drugs down the toilet can wind up polluting the water.

Home medicine cabinets have also been shown to be one of the major sources of illicit drugs.

While those observations are still inconclusive, officials say it’s best not to take any chances and prescription drug “take back” events have been organized across the country later this week with the aim of collecting and properly disposing of certain drugs.

There won’t be an event on April 26th to do that in Florence.  That’s because, says interim Police Chief Lynn Lamm, every day is “Take Back Day” at the Florence Justice Center.

A white drop box is located in the lobby of the Justice Center for most unwanted, unused and outdated drugs.  For safety reasons they don’t accept chemotherapy or radioactive medications; aerosol canisters; nor needles or syringes.