Mixed Results in First Year of Coordinated Care

25 June 2014

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Early results mixed for Medicaid Changes

The first full year of data for Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber’s health care overhaul shows a reduction in emergency room visits and certain hospitalizations; but mixed results on other measures.

The Oregon Health Authority reported this week on the state’s 15 coordinated care organizations… CCOs… the medical providers for Medicaid recipients.

Kitzhaber secured nearly $2-billion from the federal government two years ago on the promise that the organizations would lead to better care and lower ultimate costs for Medicaid patients.

The report says emergency room visits for Medicaid patients dropped by 17-percent in 2013 from two years earlier. And, hospitalizations for heart and lung problems were down.

But, there were lower scores on other measures, including Chlamydia and cervical cancer screenings; and the admission rate for short-term diabetes complications.

No Bake Bake Sale

The Florence Area Community Coalition has embarked on a unique fundraiser. David Wiegan says they want to raise about $500 to help fund a high school scholarship.

David Wiegan – “I think that most of us that have been in the non-profit world have had fund raisers that didn’t raise any funds but were a lot of work. So, we tried to come up with an idea that wasn’t a lot of work that could raise some money.”

The plan? Take something recognizable and put a twist on it.

David Wiegan – “That is the first annual no-bake bake sale.”

Wiegan says it’s simple.

David Wiegan – “The idea is, instead of having to go through all the time and trouble of baking something and then trying to sell it, just send us the money instead.”

A couple of examples…

David Wiegan – “Two French air-baguettes for ten dollars or a dozen chocolate covered sugar free mock doughnuts for ten dollars.”

Or, he says, if you have that special recipe you use to ‘wow’ your friends and neighbors… you’re welcome to not bake that.

David Wiegan – “Specialty recipes usually take more so we ask people to decide what that is, write the name of it on their donation so that we know what we’re not going to get, and then place a higher value on it and then send us that.”

Send that card, along with your check payable to FACC, to Post Office Box 1161 in Florence.

Cost Of Driving Driven Up

Gas prices are nearing the highest point they’ve been at so far this year. The average cash price for a gallon of regular in Florence is $3.82 this week. That’s up two cents in the past week, and just a nickel below the highest average recorded May 1st.

It’s also 14-cents higher than the national average price as measured by Triple-A; and 16 cents below Oregon’s statewide average price of $3.98 a gallon.

Industry analysts say continued middle east unrest is the main reason for uncertainty in the market and that’s kept prices high. Prices are expected to remain near record prices through the rest of the summer.