Trick or Treat Alternatives in Florence

31 October 2014
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Trick or Treat Options Abound For Halloween

There are plenty of alternatives to trick-or-treating around the neighborhood this evening. Many of the merchants in Old Town will be offering treats to children in costume between three and five. Immediately following, from 5 to 7 will be a Halloween costume party for the kids at Siuslaw Pioneer Museum. Judging is set for 5:30.

There are plenty of other alternatives to “hitting the street” as well. Two senior living facilities; Spruce Point Assisted Living on Ninth Street and Elder Berry Square on Oak Street; are offering treats to kids in costume; as are members of the Florence Police Auxiliary at the Justice Center. Florence Christian Church, at Second and Ivy, will host their annual “Howl-e-luia” party from 5:30 to 7:30.

And, Three Rivers Casino is offering treats for all ages with a pair of separate events… from 2 to 6 kids can attend a party… in costume. Then beginning at 8:30 and running until 1:30 AM there is another party with a more adult theme. Casino officials, while encouraging costumes, are reminding people they don’t allow masks, large brim hats or hoods for security reasons.

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Overnight Saturday you’ll want to set your clocks back one hour as Daylight Savings Time comes to an end.

If you have a smoke detector it’s also time to change or check the battery in it.

Siuslaw Valley Fire Marshall Sean Barrett says many smoke detectors now feature long-life batteries and they don’t need to be changed every year.

So the old adage, “change your clock, change your battery” may not necessarily apply. All approved detectors have a ‘test’ button… use that and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your detector clear of dust and cobwebs and change the battery if need be. If your smoke detector is more than ten years old Barret says you should replace it entirely.

Ensuring you have working smoke alarms in your home can be the “single-most important step”, according to Barrett, “you can take to increase your family’s safety”.

Studded Tires OK tomorrow, but do you really need them?

If you determine your car’s traction needs based on the calendar rather than actual driving conditions you’ll be in line at the tire store tomorrow to have studded tires installed on your car.

Studded tires are legal in Oregon and Washington between November First and March 31st.

But, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Joseph Rose is an automotive writer with the Oregonian. He calls studded tires an “outmoded” traction technology that is “overkill” on roads that aren’t continually covered with ice.

Officials with the Oregon Department of Transportation estimate that studded tires cause up to $50-million each year in damage to state highways.

Rose says other alternatives like traction tires utilizing new rubber technology provide around the clock assistance… or even link and cable chains that provide help when needed.

Driftwood Shores Files Suit Against Window Manufacturer

A half-million dollar lawsuit filed in Lane County Circuit Court this week makes a claim that a Washington window manufacturer failed to live up to a warranty on their products.

Driftwood Shores Resort and Conference Center had windows installed by Milgard Manufacturing following major storm damage to the hotel two years ago.

The new windows and sliding glass doors leaked and “were not properly rated for weather exposure”; nor did they meet building codes according to the suit filed by the Association of Unit Owners at Driftwood Shores.

Milgard Manufacturing did not respond to a request by the Register Guard for comment on the suit.