Fire restrictions tightened and clarified

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21 August 2015

Mowing banned between 11 AM and 8 PM

The Oregon Department of Forestry relaxed some fire restrictions along the coast slightly Thursday; allowing limited logging and other industrial operations in forests. But Siuslaw Valley Fire Chief Jim Langborg said those will be allowed only by special permit. All other activities that could lead to a fire are banned until the area sees some “significant” rain. Langborg issued his second emergency order in as many weeks that ban all outside fires, including cooking, warming and campfires. He made the move in order to prevent confusion.

Jim Langborg – “We know that we’re going to be bouncing back and forth a lot for probably the next month and we thought we would just keep those restrictions in place now.”

Those activities include smoking, welding, use of power equipment and mowing of dried grass… for residential as well as commercial.

Jim Langborg – “The first thing is common sense goes a long ways. If it’s green, it’s your front yard… I mean heck… this time of year if it needs to be mowed that means you’re watering it.”

It is ok, he says, to mow your lawn, but only if it is green and irrigated… and only before 11 AM or after 8 PM.

Oregon average gas price below $3

The average cash price for a gallon of regular gas in Florence held steady this past week at $2.87.

Marie Dodds with Triple-A says the national average price increased over the past week by eight cents a gallon. It’s at $2.66, mostly because of a new refinery problem in Indiana.

Oregon’s average price continues to fall according to Dodds. She said it lost four cents a gallon this week and is $2.99… the first time since May that it has been below the three dollar mark.

Coos County dunes accident claims one life

A 27-year old man from Shoreline, Washington died this week after his motorcycle collided with an ATV in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

According to the Coos County Sheriff’s office, Lucien Imbodien was riding in the Horsefall Beach area Tuesday afternoon. Witnesses said as he came over a dune he was headed straight for the ATV. Both drivers swerved, but unfortunately in the same direction and they hit head-on.

Two U.S. Coast Guard personnel nearby provided emergency aid, but Imbodien was declared dead at the scene. The Coos County Crash Team was activated and the crash is still under investigation.

Safety blitz targeting cell phones and seat belts

Extra police patrols aimed at reducing the number of drivers who use their cell phones or don’t buckle up will begin Monday in the Florence area. Officer Denton Tipler with the Florence Police Department said one other focus will be on child safety seats and making sure kids are properly secured.

The extra patrols will be provided because the Oregon Department of Transportation is paying for officer’s overtime.

Denton Tipler – “Each officer works a different shift, so it’s gonna throw a lot of different time frames out there. With any shift, you know day shift, swing shift and graveyard shift, some of the highest traffic times for that particular shift.”

Tipler said the statewide traffic enforcement “blitz” begins Monday and runs through Sunday, September 6th.

Dunes City Expo Saturday

Informational sessions on septic system maintenance, drinking water quality and disaster preparedness will be featured Saturday at Dunes City Hall.

City Administrator Fred Hilden said the annual Dunes City Community Expo will also feature a free lunch… and a visit by state senator Arnie Roblan.

The Coos Bay democrat will focus on the issues related to the main topics of the day. He is also expected to address several other legislative issues.

The expo will run from ten AM to three PM Saturday at Dunes City Hall… just off Pacific Avenue in Westlake.