Rotary matches record setting auction proceeds

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But just by the hair on one chinny, chin, chin.

Rotary matches record breaking collection

For the second year in a row, the Florence Rotary Club has raised more than $100-thousand at their annual charity auction and dinner.  The dinner was March 12th, but club members have been tallying up the proceeds over the past two weeks.  Co-organizer Kevin McMullen says all of it will be used for the community.

Kevin McMullen – “All the money stays locally.  It goes for scholarships and local community projects.”

Roughly half of it will be passed on to area students in the form of scholarships.

Kevin McMullen  – “Right close to 50, 51-thousand.”

McMullen said last week they saw they might fall just short of last year’s record setting amount.  Some of his fellow Rotarians urged him to take drastic action, encouraging him with pledges…

Kevin McMullen  – “Raised over $2,000 to cut my beard off.”

A group of club members had their scissors and shears out today, trimming McMullen’s chin clean for charity.

Chest compressions hold the key for effective resuscitation

Emergency medics say time can make the difference between life and death; especially when it comes to your heart.

Western Lane Ambulance responds to hundreds of calls each year to patients who are exhibiting symptoms of a heart attack.  Fortunately, most of those calls don’t lead to a full cardiac arrest.  But when they do, trained Paramedics and EMTs can be  right there to begin life-saving measures.

One of those measures they’re now employing is something called CCR—Not a 70’s rock band, it’s cardio cerebral resuscitation.  Similar to cardio pulmonary resuscitation; CPR, but it doesn’t include the mouth to mouth part.  Experts say that’s no longer needed.

Instead, they say, the most important things are the chest compressions that force the heart to continue circulating blood to the brain, preventing further damage.

Paramedics from Western Lane Ambulance District will be at Siuslaw High School tomorrow afternoon where they’ll talk to students in the Health Occupations program about sudden cardiac arrest and demonstrate CCR.

Recycling and reusing electronics

Anything that plugs in or runs on batteries is open game for NextStep Recycling of Eugene.

Throwing away broken computers and other electronics can put hazardous materials in the waste stream… and also prevent the recycling and reuse of several key components.

That’s one goal of NextStep, a non-profit group that takes those electronic items and uses them to train children and adults who have barriers to employment and education.

NextStep will be in Florence Saturday from 10:30 to three p.m. at Real Food Coop on Rhododendron drive just off Highway 101.  That’s where they’ll take broken or unwanted electronics for recycling and reuse.

Joining NextStep will be ARC of Lane County.  They’ll collect unwanted clothing at the same time.

Florence budget crew gets to work

The ten member budget committee for the City of Florence started their process last night.  Following an orientation session they got right to work.  City Manager Erin Reynolds said this year, the budget committee will not meet at City Hall.

Erin Reynolds – “And we’re going to do all of our budget meetings at the Events Center.  With ten plus people and staff and other presenters, we kind of start to run out of room at City Hall.”

Staff will work on the specific budget proposal in April with the formal budget presentation set for May 2nd.

Summer hours for solid waste

The 16 solid waste transfer stations in Lane County are moving to summer hours later this week.

The Florence Transfer site will be open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Mapleton  and Walton transfer sites will be open from nine to five on Saturdays only; while the Low Pass transfer site on Highway 36 as well as the site at Swisshome will also be open nine to five, but on Fridays and Saturdays.

Waste Management Supervisor Dan Hurley said summer hours remain in effect through September.