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Green Fair; Westlake Woman Sentenced; Rhody Days; Officers Honored

Recycling Reminder

This Saturday at the Florence Events center is the 8th annual Green Fair where visitors can learn about new technologies in green energy, producing your own food, recycling and more.  The event runs from 10 until 4 pm.  Dave Twombly with central coast disposal says that residential recycling has come a long way since the beginnings.  He says they now recycle more than 10 tons weekly, but now that it has become almost second nature to most people it’s important to remember to keep it clean…


“The most important thing to realize is that recycling has to be clean.  Cause if you throw like a peanut butter jar in there, well then you put 26 hundred pounds of pressure it squeezes the peanut butter out gets all over the paper now the paper’s no good and the peanut butter jar was no good in the first place because it still had peanut butter in it.”


He says the main culprits tend to show up again and again…


“The biggest nemesis are usually peanut butter, mayonnaise, You know Marshallow, people try to recycle that marshallow whip used for making desserts at Christmas time.”


Twombly says that if you are not going to take the extra steps to clean out dirty jars then it is better for all the other recycling if you don’t put them in the recycle bins.  But he does add that it is much better to clean it and recycle it!


Street Closing

Taking advantage of the good weather, the City of Florence is moving forward with the patching of 18th street between Spruce and Tamarack streets.  This means that stretch of road will be closed this morning from 8:30 am until approximately noon.  Citizens will need to be aware of the closure and use 17th or 19th as alternates.

Westlake Woman Sentenced

A Westlake woman  gets 10 years for attempting to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband.  Pamela Jean Gygi pleaded guilty on January 23rd in U.S. District court to hiring a hit man in order to end a property dispute and collect a 150 thousand dollar life insurance policy.  Gygi’s plot went south when the man she hired to do the job alerted the ex-husband.  The fbi then video taped a meeting between gygi and the man she was attempting to hire.  After leaving the meeting she was stopped by police and arrested.

Vendor Space Renewed

Business as usual for the annual Rhody Festival.  City council approved the closing of Maple street from Bay Street to 1st for the purpose of food, arts and craft, and merchandise vendors.  The street will be closed from noon on Friday, May 19th through Sunday evening at 7 pm on the 21st.  There is a provision in the ordinance to allow access for deliveries and emergency vehicles.

Officers Honored

The Council also provided a forum for the local VFW post 3232 to award members of the police, fire, and medical community for service to their community.  Firefighter of the year went to Jerry Ward, EMT of the year is George Lydick, OSP officer of the year was Darrel Sheets, and Police officer of the year went to John Pitcher.  Each were commended by their superiors for their commitment and willingness to go over and above their call of duty.