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Stroke Prevention; Transportation Package; Fuel Prices

Signs of a Stroke

It’s National Stroke Prevention month.  And when it comes to determining if you or a loved one is having the symptoms of a stroke, time is of the essence.  The quicker you can get medical help for a stroke the better chance you have of minimizing the damage.  Al Kreitz with western Lane Ambulance District reminds us of the easiest way to recognize when a stroke may be oncoming.

“Fast stands for face drooping, Arm Weakness, Speech Slurred, Time to call 911.  So if they get any of these symptoms call 911.”

Kreitz says there are other symptoms to be aware of also

“Such as trouble seeing, in one or both eyes, walking difficulty Dizziness or loss of balance and coordination, or sudden severe headache with no cause.”

 Kreitz says that it’s better to go to the hospital and it not be a stroke, then to wait and find out that it is.

Transportation Package Roll-Out

Oregon lawmakers rolled out a 10-year transportation package this week that will have an effect on Florence.  The extensive proposal would (1) raise consumer prices at the gas pump, (2) increase new car taxes, (3) impose highway tolls for the first time and add a statewide payroll tax.

Residents would also see a 5 percent tax on new bicycles and higher registration fees for fuel-efficient cars.

Lawmakers are hoping to raise $8.2 billion over the next decade to fund a growing list of needed upgrades to roads and bridges and help ease traffic jams. The higher fees and taxes would be phased in beginning in 2018.

The plan unveiled this week is a preliminary framework, and lawmakers will use it as the basis for drafting a formal proposal in public hearings over the next several weeks.

Fuel Prices on a Downturn

The normal spring fuel price increases are being held at bay as recent oil prices have fallen and a glut in available fuel is providing more than adequate reserves for travelers.  The average price of a gallon of regular gas is down .04 cents since last week and the national average is at $2.34 a gallon.  In Oregon, the price has dropped across the state to$2.74 a gallon and the average price for a gallon in Florence is at $2.45.  That’s 6 cents lower then this time last week.  Marie Dodds with AAA says even with the decrease in prices Oregon still ranks in the top 5 for most expensive gas prices with Washington, Alaska, California, and Hawaii