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Helping Hands Moves Forward; Chip And Seal Date Moved; Possible Hit and Run

Helping Hands Holds On

Is there life after the planning commission decision?  Debbie Hamilton with Helping Hands believes there is.  After the Planning commission decided not to grant a use variance for a vacant building on Highway 101 Helping Hands had to come up with a new plan for feeding and assisting the needy of the Florence Community.  Luckily their benefactors at the Florence United Methodist Church agreed to let them continue using their facilities.

“Basically the United Methodist Church has allowed us to stay there as long as we need, so we will continue to serve meals and hand out laundry and shower vouchers and help out wherever we can.”

Hamilton says it is a constant struggle to find the right place.  Many Florence residents see the need for the service they provide but because of the proximity of available locations to neighborhoods and commercial businesses there is a steady influx of concerns addressing suitable locations.  Hamilton says they are not giving up hope.

“We’re still hopeful, you know we’ve surrendered the battle but we haven’t lost the war.”

The 100 percent volunteer operation of Helping Hands is currently looking outside of the Florence City limits for a possible location.

Chip and Seal

It is a short notice but during the day today the contractor for the city of Florence will be doing a chip and seal repair for the section of Oak Street between 35th and 46th street.  The Project is expected to take 2 days to complete and was originally scheduled for July 25th and 26th, however the contractor inadvertently scheduled another repair on that date for Reedsport and had to change the Florence date.  Residents are advised to use alternate routes and there will be some delays due to construction.

Possible Hit and Run

An accident on south Jetty road near the beach access is being investigated as a possible hit and run.  Early yesterday morning a motorcyclist was found unconscious in critical condition with heavily labored breathing.  The Siuslaw Valley fire and Rescue and Western Lane Ambulance district responded.  Sean Barrett with Sisulaw Valley Fire and Rescue said the driver was a male, mid 20’s to early 30’s.  Air Medical Reach was called in from Coos Bay.  And medical personnel on the scene worked on the victim until the helicopter could reach them.  Which was about 26 minutes.  He was life-flighted to Riverbend hospital in Springfield.  His condition is not currently known.  Medical personnel on the scene believed the injuries sustained by the victim were more severe than the accident scene warranted prompting the investigation of a hit and run.  Coast Radio is still running down details of the accident and will continue to update the story as more information is known.