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Vikings Cancel Game; DACA Recipents Get Help; No Devices

Setback for Viking Football

It is a move that has the health and safety of the students in mind.  This Friday evening the Siuslaw Vikings will not be taking the field against the number one ranked North Bend Bull Dogs after a tough week on the grid iron for the Vikings.  Injuries are the main reason for the cancellation of the game.  6 players are currently out of commission but Coach Jamin Pool says he hopes that they will be back in playing condition by the end of the week but that promise wasn’t enough to follow through with a belief that they could take the field and have enough players ready by Friday.  Athletic Director Chris Johnson says he has faith in Pools assessment of the situation.

“We just didn’t feel at this point in time based on how we are healthwise that we could put a team out there against a much bigger school, North Bend, the number one team in the state and just be sure people were safe.”

Johnson was returning from testifying before the state reclassification districting committee as Siuslaw High School is seeking to be considered for reclassification for next school year.  Johnson says the size of Siuslaw High School is more fitting of the Mountain West league, which are 3A schools.  He says it has been difficult of late to field a team that can compete with the size and experience of some of the larger 4A schools.  Johnson will discuss this more on next week’s Our Town.

Eugene Helps DACA Students

While the DACA program sits in limbo as congress tries to figure out a way to revamp the program, Eugene is moving ahead with helping DACA program members to renew their application before the deadline.  The city approved $10,000 dollars for city residents that qualify for the program.  This will help about 20 people with the $495 application renewal fee.  The Register Guard reports that the city also approved a resolution supporting DACA recipients and their families while urging Congress not to shelve the program.  While the measure to approve the money passed with a 7-1 vote, several city councilors questioned whether or not giving the monies outright was better than making it a loan considering the financial plight of many other city residents.

Distracted Driving Law Starts Sunday

This Sunday, is the day when it will no longer be legal to use a hand-held device while occupying the driver’s seat in a motor vehicle.  House bill 2597 becomes law on October 1st and drivers need to be aware that hefty fines come along with failure to adhere to the law.  The law is fairly detailed in its description of what is not allowed.  Drivers will be prohibited from even checking the device while stopped at a red light.  Nor will they be allowed to use it to check for traffic updates, alternate routes while stuck in accident traffic, or for directions.  The law basically states that you cannot pick up your device for any reason other than an emergency.  If you do and are ticketed the offense will remain on your record for up to 10 years.  First time offenders will be allowed to take a distracted driving course to have the citation removed, but continued offenses will see the penalties climb up to $2000 and can even be given jail time.  There are a few exceptions to the law, but that basically covers Emergency responders and some Commercial Drivers.