Elk Hunter Stabs Self; Mapleton to Junction City Slow Down; Fire Services Merge; Too Late To Mail Ballot?

Man Knifes Himself Cleaning Elk

A Mapleton man is apparently in good condition after being evacuated by air from a remote site in northern Grant County.  51 year old  James Lee Moyer, was dressing a 6 point bull elk that he had shot while hunting and in the process accidentally stabbed himself.  The knife slipped and went into his stomach about two inches above his navel.  According to a press release form Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer.  Moyer was about 15-20 miles east of Meadowbrook Summit.  His wife was across the canyon about 650 yards away and was able to make it to her husbands side to call 911.  4 different agencies responded to the call for help and Air Link from st. Charles Hospital was able to land near Moyer but emergency responders still had to cart him about 200 yards as helpers had to clear logs, trees and regrowth to create a landing zone.  Emergency personnel also helped the hunter complete the dressing and packing of the animal and carried it to a nearby vehicle.

Highway 36 Slow Down

The Oregon Department of Transportation says that work has begun on a stretch of roadway on Oregon 36 from Mapleton to Junction City.  Workers will be repairing the roadway for the next several weeks.  ODOT says that the work will make it difficult for larger vehicles to pass equipment and that travelers with large RV’S or large trucks should look for alternate routes.  The construction is expected to be completed by November 17th, weather permitting.

Fire Services Merge

It took about two decades to get it done, but the Fire Department of Upper Deadwood Creek communities will now be part of the Swisshome/Deadwood fire services.  The annexation was completed on October 31st.  The combining of the districts will allow for an additional 15 volunteer firefighters for Upper Deadwood and it also makes them eligible for more grants for operating costs and new equipment.  Chief Jim Langborg says that Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue has been providing training for the rural departments and that there will be some positive changes in the operational end of things as it pertains to how they respond to emergency situations.  Firefighters and emergency personnel for the Upper Deadwood Creek will also now be covered by insurance when responding to emergencies.

Drop Off Your Ballot

If you have voted but the ballot is still sitting on your counter, Lane County Elections recommends that you find the nearest drop off location and take it there.  The recommended mail date for the ballots was yesterday and if you mail it in after that point it may not get to them in time to be counted.  You can drop your ballot at the justice center here in Florence located on 9th street.  Cheryl Betschart with Lane County Elections says to make sure you sign the envelope on the back otherwise it will be invalid.