HYAK Sets Tower; Port Happy With Hiring Practice; City’s First Meeting At FEC

Fiber Construction Builds

The HYAK Company, an off shoot of Siuslaw Broadband, is getting closer to connecting its first customers.  Robbie Wright heads the company and he told Coast Radio News that it is only a matter of weeks before they would be ready to go online with high speed fiber optics.  On Friday the company set its new cell tower where it will continue to receive and broadcast its broadband coverage, and they have poured the walls to the hut that will house the equipment for their fiber network.  Wright also confirmed that they will be laying fiber optic cable in the ground beneath highway 101 to prepare for future expansion.  The company expects to be offering its pilot project to businesses and some homes by the first week of February.  Wright also said that he expects the property they purchased on Kingwood Street, to house their equipment, will someday be home to their offices and warehouse, but for now they will continue to operate out of their current facilities.

Port Procedures To Stay Same

Port of Siuslaw board chairman Terry Duman says that they are confident in the process they have used for hiring a port manager and that they will continue to move forward to secure the best candidate for the job.  Duman says the board has set policies and procedures in place for the selection process.  Interim port manager Dina McClure said there is one tiny change that will not affect how the new manager will be chosen, but that they used to require each new applicant to submit a power point presentation as part of the hiring process and that will no longer be required.  The search will continue through the month of January.  The board hopes to have several possible candidate to interview by then.

Council Meeting At Florence Event Center

If you are interested in city politics and wish to attend this evening’s city council meeting.  It will be held at the Florence Event Center.  This week begins the final move from the city hall in preparation for the remodel of the facility.  On this evening’s agenda will be the consideration of amending Florence city code Title 10 which deals with housing developments, density requirements, and affordable housing.  The change considerations are a result of the passage of the state senate bill 1051 which sets specific guidelines on housing in communities with more that 5000 residents.  One of the bill’s mandates says communities cannot restrict access to affordable housing by denying building applications and it allows for accessory dwelling units on established properties if they meet certain criteria.  The meeting will be this evening at 5:30 at the FEC.