Older is Better, Some Say; Crabbing Clear For The Coast; PTA Talent Show; Rotarians Announce Speech Contest

Older is Better, Some Say

If you are a older member of the community and you still enjoy working a conference today in Portland is working to help keep that a reality.  AARP Oregon has announced they will be discussing the role of what they are calling non-traditional workers around the state.  Florence’s retired population is a more active one and along with keeping busy with volunteer work, part time, or even in some cases, full time jobs are desirable.  However sometimes business owners need to be educated on the benefit of older workers.  Dr. Kevin Cahill from ECONorthwest says the benefits are clear:

“The cohort of the Baby Boomers is much more educated than prior cohorts were. Older workers just have a lifetime of experience. They’ve just been on planet Earth a lot longer than younger workers and they bring that to the workplace. There’s lots of evidence that older workers are healthier than older workers in the past.”

 Senator Jeff Merkley echoes Cahill’s sentiments:

“Given the resources and training, older workers are as capable as anyone of working in today’s high-tech workforce. And because Americans are living longer, healthier, more active lives, almost 19 percent of individuals 65 and older are now pushing off retirement to do so.”

Merkley say many Oregonians are pushing off retirement partly to make ends meet, but also because they tend to be healthier and more able to continue working.

Crabbing Clear For The Coast

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has opened the entire coastline of Oregon to recreational and commercial crabbing.  Demoic acid levels in crab samples taken along the coast have dropped below the alert level.  They do remind crabbers to eviscerate the guts prior to cooking as demoic acid can still leach into the water.  The also recommend not using the liquid in sauces, broths or soups.  The Oregon Department of Agriculture and the ODFW will continue to monitor levels and alert the public accordingly.

PTA Talent Show

The Florence Community PTA is holding a talent show this Thursday and it will be at the Florence event center at 6 pm.  There are 18 acts scheduled to perform featuring Kindergarteners to fifth graders from Siuslaw elementary school.  The event promises singing, gymnastics, piano and more.  Tickets for this event can be picked up at the Siuslaw Elementary School Library.

Rotarians Announce Speech Contest

Florence Rotarians have announced their 4-way Test Speech contest for Siuslaw High School Students.  The contest will have $1500 dollars in prizes to be awarded.  The 4-way test encompasses the tenets of rotary and are: Is it the Truth, is it Fair to all concerned, will it build Goodwill and Better friendship, and will it be beneficial to all concerned.  The contest will be held on April 19th at the Florence event Center and the three finalists will receive cash prizes ($750 for first place, $500 for Second, and $250 for third) and will give their presentations at a rotary meeting on April 24th.  The winner will also be invited to Ashland Oregon where they could potentially win a second round of prizes.  All speeches should be original material, memorized, and 5-7 minutes long.  For more information you can contact Meg Spencer at Siuslaw Public Library.