Sewage Seeps into SiuslawNew Executive Director for Siuslaw Watershed CouncilMural Project ProposedCrash Display Draws Attention

Sewage Seeps into Siuslaw

The city of Florence Public works department issued a statement that several thousand gallons of sewage overflowed after a blockage created by solidified grease caused the backup off of first street on the Ivy street right of way.  Mike Miller with public works issued the statement and said that as little as 5500 gallons up to 28000 gallons of raw sewage entered into the Siuslaw River.  The issue began on Thursday afternoon and was cleared by 9:15 am on Friday.  Notices were posted along the spill area and reports are being filed with the Oregon department of environmental quality.  As a reminder the city has restated that fats, oils and greases are never to be disposed of in the sink.

New Executive Director for Siuslaw Watershed Council

The Siuslaw Watershed Council has announced that they have chosen a new executive Director for the non-profit.  Board of Directors President David Eisler said in a press release that they have enlisted Eli Tome as the new Director.  Tome had previously been working as a watershed restoration projects manager for the past year.  And prior to that was working on restoring the natural functions of the Colorado River in Moab, Utah.  The Siuslaw Watershed Council works with restoring natural habitats along the Siuslaw River.  Tome says that he is excited to be heading up an organization that supports a health and productive ecosystem, and to work with the community to support economic vitality and community resilience.

Mural Project Proposed

The public art committee will be meeting to discuss the possible collaboration between the city and Central Lincoln PUD on a mural art project.  Central Lincoln PUD’s building along highway 126 is being looked at as a possible large scale mural project that the committee is considering.  Details of an agreement between the city and CLPUD are still being worked out.  There has been no signed agreement yet.  The Public art committee will meet this morning at 10 am at the Florence Event Center.

Crash Display Draws Attention

A vehicle at the entrance of Siuslaw High School is getting some attention as it part of a display that emphasizes the dangers of driving under the influence.  The crashed truck will be on display throughout the week and was involved in an accident that involved alcohol use.  The Florence Police Department and the Siuslaw School District administration approved the placement of the vehicle.  The truck was not a local vehicle but is a reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving.