New Port Manager; ODOT Crosswalk Work; Increased DUII Coverage

Huntington Named Permanent Port Manager

David Huntington is officially the new manager of the Port of Siuslaw.  After sitting in as Interim manager of the port the board went into executive session Monday evening to discuss the possibility of hiring for the permanent position.  The board closed the Executive Session and went into open session where they voted for the hiring of Huntington to the permanent position.  The vote was 4-0 with Huntington not voting due to conflict of interest.  Huntington was one of the original applicants for the position but when the board could not agree on the candidates Huntington was placed in the interim managers position.

ODOT Crosswalk Work to  Start

Beginning next week the Oregon Department of Transportation will begin its construction of signed and lighted crosswalks along highway 101 and highway 126.  Most of the work will be done in the overnight hours but some early morning work may cause traffic delays.  Two new crosswalks along highway 101 with concrete islands similar to the one on 101 at Safeway will be constructed as well as one on Highway 126 between Redwood and Quince street.  ODOT says the project will take about 4 months to complete, finishing sometime in September.

Florence Police to Increase DUII Coverage

The Florence Police Department will again be conducting increased DUII Enforcement for the Memorial Day Weekend.  As part of the Oregon Impact funded DUII enforcement the FPD will be focusing on impaired drivers during the days of May 25th through May 28th.  During April’s increased focus 10 DUII arrests were made though those results were not during the April increased awareness period.  The Florence Police want to remind drivers that prescription drugs, over the counter medicines and illegal drugs can potentially cause impairment and along with the addition of alcohol are a potentially deadly combination, especially when operating a motor vehicle.

Wyden, Merkley Share Stern Words for Trump

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden had stern words for the Trump administration after yesterday’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.  Wyden called Trump reckless and said we are less safe today than we were yesterday because of Trump’s move.  Wyden says there is now no way for the U.S. to monitor Iran and fewer options to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons.  Senator Jeff Merkley also called the move a “mistake of enormous proportions for America’s safety and security.”  Merkely says Trump’s own state department has said that the deal is in America’s best interest and that Iran has executed all of it’s obligations under the deal.

Watershed Council to Provide Camp

With the last day of school just around the corner you may wonder what to do with your children.  The Siuslaw Watershed Council will be offering summer camp for students entering fourth grade through high school.  The camp will be June 25th through the 29th and will take in the watershed’s rivers, lakes and streams.  Participants will get the opportunity to learn all about the watershed as well as activities like paddleboarding, canoeing, sandboarding and more.  Camp fee is $75 dollars and scholarships are available.  Contact Siuslaw dot Org slash camps to register or for more information.