Study Shows Potential for River and Stream Carbon Dioxide Increases; North Fork Brush Fire; ODOT Looking for DMV Input; Wyden Tweets Out Against Trump

Study Shows Potential for River and Stream Carbon Dioxide Increases

A new study says that streams and rivers will emit increasing amounts of carbon dioxide as temperatures rise from climate change.  Alba Argerich, a former researcher at Oregon State University studied streams near Eugene for this analysis.  She says the reason for her study is that models of our changing climate include the effects of the oceans, forests and industry but not the massive numbers of rivers and streams across the world.

“With this study now, this is confirming that, well, the trend can be even worse, right? If we don’t take them into account, into these global climate models, we are missing an important piece of information.”

 Argerich says streams and rivers need oxygen and have respiration similar to the way humans do. Organisms on the water use and produce carbon dioxide. As temperatures go up, her research expects more carbon dioxide to be produced. Argerich monitored creeks in the H-J Andrews Experimental Forest east of Eugene. She now works at the University of Missouri. The analysis was published in Nature Geoscience.

North Fork Brush Fire

Siuslaw Valley Fire and rescue responded to a small vegetation fire yesterday at 4:30.  The fire was near north fork and Munsel Creek Roads.  This is a critical time of year for fire with very little rain in recent weeks and no significant rainfall in the immediate forecast.  Dry brush can ignite quickly from a simple cigarette.

ODOT Looking for DMV Input

The Oregon Department of Transportation is looking for comments about its Department of Motor Vehicle division.  Those wishing to offer up comments have until Thursday to submit.  The DMV is looking for ways to better serve the citizens of Oregon and help prioritize services.  ODOT says they are currently in a redesign for the department and have posted an open house forum for comments from the public.  Interested participants can find the link at OrgeonDMV dot Com. The website outlines the current changes underway and offers a place for your ideas.  ODOT wants to incorporate more of the modern technology as it applies to services.

Wyden Tweets Out Against Trump

Senator Ron Wyden tweeted out from eastern Oregon where he says that the cancellation of the Iran deal has created problems with fuel prices.  Wyden says that even though prices traditionally rise during this time of year, the increases we are seeing are compounded by weakened foreign policy

“When the President pulled out of the Iran Agreement that spread fear and doubt in the world oil markets.”

Wyden says there is fear of war in the middle east and doubt that supplies would continue to remain steady.  Here in Florence the prices of gasoline continue to rise.  The current price of a gallon of regular gas is averaging 3.10 a gallon.  A nickel increase from last week’s prices.