SVFR Adds New Mobile Command Unit

Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue have recently added a mobile command center to its arsenal of vehicles.  This is the first time that SVFR has had a mobile command vehicle which Fire Chief Jim Langborg says is usually only afforded larger communities.

201:  “Basically what this vehicle will do is be set up to respond to emergencies and act as the incident command post.”

Fire Chief Langborg says not only will this vehicle be able to respond to emergencies but is also equipped to do some public service work such as changing out smoke detectors.  The vehicle is state of the art with a lot of technological upgrades.

202: ‘it has a little tablet that has command software in it is has mapping software in it, it is also going to be able to be used to collect our times so that when we look and response statistics they will be accurate.”

The Vehicle is a ford super duty truck that Langborg says will be able to go where some emergency vehicles go and can even fit a couple of firefighters for transport