Western Lane Ambulance

Administrator Of The Year; Signage Rules; Art Committee Moving Forward on Mural

Administrator Of The Year

Every year the Oregon Health Authority chooses an administrator that embodies its core values and provides a level of service to their staff and the community.  This year their administrator of the year award was presented to Western Lane Ambulance District’s Matt House.  House says he was honored enough just to be nominated, and the award itself recognizes the entire Florence EMS community as well as the position.

“To be nominated, number one, from the staff and then to actually receive the award from the Oregon Health Authority means a lot to our district and to our community.”

Florence is considerably smaller than some agencies with 16 full time staff.  And House recognizes the team effort that goes into a successful entity like Western Lane Ambulance.

“It’s a team award, it’s a Western Lane Ambulance District award it isn’t an individual award in my mind.”

House reiterated the hard work that the staff does on a daily basis in order to ensure that the community is served.

Signage Rules

The City of Florence wants to remind residents of the rules regarding campaign signage.  Signs are allowed on private property and in all zones under the temporary sign code.  Sign must not exceed 6 square feet or more than 5 feet in height. And may be displayed within 90 days of an election and must be retrieved no more than 5 days after an election.  No signs are allowed on power poles, street signs, in public right of ways, or in areas that have been cleared to provide clear vision on a roadway or intersection.  Other areas must be approved an issued a sign permit.  Lane county and ODOT restrictions can also be viewed at Oregon dot gov/odot.

Art Committee Moving Forward on Mural

The Public Art Committee has received over a 100 submissions from artists all around the world for a mural project that will be generated on the Central Lincoln PUD building that faces Highway 126.  The committee will be narrowing down the submissions and will be choosing 3 artists from which they would like to see more work.  The artist selected will be commissioned to begin and complete the artwork in the spring of next year.