Ocean Swirls at Sunset

Cold Weather Shelter to Open; Earthquake Cancels Siren Test; Surfer Rescued; Festival Likely to Face Closure

Cold Weather Shelter to Open

With temperatures expected to dip into the lower 30’s this week the Florence Emergency Cold Weather shelter will be opening its doors tonight and most likely tomorrow night according to Greg Wood.  The Presbyterian Church of the Siuslaw is the location of the shelter and people needing protection from the elements can begin registering this evening at 5 pm.  Cold weather shelter flags will be posted at the library, Safeway, Fred Meyer, and in front of the church at 3996 highway 101.  There will be a van to shuttle people to and from the shelter and Wood says there is a limited amount of space for people with dogs.  The shelter will also be serving dinner at 6pm.

Earthquake Cancels Siren Test

After a 7.0 earthquake was reported in Alaska on Friday several more quakes shook the pacific coast all the way down to Tonga just south of the equator.  The USGS also reported a 4.2 earthquake just west of Coos Bay in the pacific along the outside fault that runs parallel to the coast. The Alaska quake prompted the cancellation of a test of the Tsunami Warning Sirens here in Florence in order to avoid confusion and panic.  The Alaskan coast had to endure a series of aftershocks that numbered in the dozens.

Surfer Rescued

A surfer lost consciousness in the surf near the Devils Punchbowl state park on Saturday and had to be rescued by the US Coast Guard.  An MH-65 helicopter was deployed and a rescue swimmer was lowered into the water.  The swimmer was able to lift the subject on to their surfboard and with help from another surfer brought the individual back to shore.  The injured surfer was transported to Newport hospital.  There is no word on the condition of the surfer.

Festival Likely to Face Closure

The popular Willamette Country Music Festival may have played its last show.  After ousting its festival president, losing its title sponsor, having its festival permit revoked and being litigated for not paying its debts the future of the popular festival is in question.  The Register Guard reports that Linn County Commissioner Roger Nyquist had been a supporter of the festival mainly due to its economic impact to vendors and non-profits, but now that the festival has failed to pay several100 thousand dollars coupled with several incidents reported by Linn county’s sheriff, he voted against allowing the festival organizers the final three years of its 5 year permit.  Two other festivals have folded up shop: The Country Crossings Music Festival and the Mountain Home Country Music Festival.