Revision Florence; City Closed for New Year’s Day; Accident 126; Tree Pick up

Revision Florence

The bids have been returned and the city is ready to move forward with revision Florence.  City Manager Erin Reynolds says the first shovel in the ground should be sometime in February.  The city is currently coordinating with ODOT and the contractor for a timeline of events.  The project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2019.  During construction there will need to be a lot of communication between the city and businesses along the construction route as ingress and egress will be effected.

“We are working with the contractor and ODOT to insure that businesses are aware of when their property is going to be worked on in front and when the most impact is going to be occurring.”

Reynolds says the plan is to begin construction on the west side of 101 and then transition to the east side.  Electric, cable and phone lines will all be relocated underground.  During construction businesses along the corridor, according to Reynolds should still have one access point for customers.

City Closed for New Year’s Day

City Offices will be closed on New years day for the holiday.  The first meeting of the new year will be with the Environmental Advisory Committee on January 3rd .  The location of the meeting has not yet been posted.  The city council will hold its first meeting of the new year on January 7th.  The city will complete old business and then adjourn and reconvene with the new members of the city council.  The city will welcome Woody Woodbury and Geraldine Lucio as members of the council and say goodbye to Suzy Lacer who did not run for re-election.

Accident 126

Last night at 8:12 pm, Oregon State Police were on scene of an accident on 126 near Walton.  Initially fire and medics were also called to a report of a vehicle on its side, but there were no injuries at the scene and ems was called off.  Traffic was slow around the area for about 90 minutes.

Tree Pick up

Reminder:  Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue will be out on Saturday collecting real Christmas trees.  The event is planned for this Saturday and again on the 5th of January.