Policy Changes Approved; Cannery Station Presentation; Crab Found with Excessive Demoic Acid

Policy Changes Approved

The Siuslaw School Board on Wednesday evening approved a policy update concerning commercial advertising and materials distribution.  At the center of the controversy was a concern that certain activities might be curtailed due to the initial language contained therein.  The policy review committee reviewed the language and with some slight changes made its recommendation to the board.   Initially the language included the phrase “the administration shall always prohibit distribution of material that advertises or promotes any product or service not permitted to minors by law or will take place at an organization that conducts business that is illegal or inappropriate for minors.”  But was taken out of the final draft.  Three Rivers Casino was concerned that the upcoming job fair would not be allowed to host students from Siuslaw high School, but after the passing of the policy school superintendent Andy Grzeskowiak said that with the newly adopted language he did not see an issue providing the students would not have access to the casino floor and would have a separate ingress and egress from the event.  Grzeskowiak also asked for additional paid staff to ensure that students would not wander from the event area.  District transportation was also allowed to make sure that students are properly monitored to and from the event.

Cannery Station Presentation

Yesterday the chamber of commerce hosted the developer of the proposed Cannery Station that is in development across from Fred Meyer on Highway 101.  The development will be a mixed use area anchored by a three story assisted living and memory care facility. With two apartment complexes available for community residents and several retail spaces.  The 17 acre parcel will be completed in several phases with the hopes of putting a shovel in the ground by late July.  The developers have a 10 year time line for the project, but says that could be shorter if they can fill the retail spaces.  Immediate concerns from the audience were workforce housing and traffic on highway 101.  The developer is currently talking with workforce housing builders and while conceding that workforce housing is necessary in Florence did not specifically commit to providing it at this development.  Preliminary approval from ODOT will not require a light to help traffic flow on the Highway 101 entrance.

Crab Found with Excessive Demoic Acid

On the eve of free crabbing and fishing in Oregon the Oregon Department of Fish and wildlife released a warning for crabs harvested from the Bandon area south to the California border.  Increased levels of demoic acid have been found in crab that are above the recommended levels and ODFW has closed recreational crabbing in that area, crabbers that have recently caught in that area are asked to make sure that the viscera is removed before cooking to ensure the meat will not be tainted.  Demoic acid can cause sickness or death if consumed and it cannot be destroyed by cooking.