IGA Reading Postponed; Upgrades at Port of Siuslaw; Saturation Patrol Numbers; Burn to Learn

IGA Reading Postponed

A special meeting scheduled for the boards of Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue and Western Lane Ambulance district is scheduled for Wednesday, June 12 at 6pm at the fire station 2625 Highway 101.  The meeting was to include the first reading of Ordinance 01-2019 to adopt a third entity and create a new Inter-governmental Agency; Western Lane Fire and EMS Authority.  That portion of the meeting has been postponed.  According to legal counsel more work needs to be done on the IGA before moving forward.

Upgrades at Port of Siuslaw

Facility upgrades at the port or Siuslaw continue.  A section of the campground, known as c-row is getting  fitted for utilities.  Work is continuing through the month of June and completion is expected by the first of July.  Trenches are being dug to provide more hookups for campers. The added upgraded spaces and plans for removal of the storage facility buildings are all part of upgrades to provide additional spaces with amenities.  In their last meeting the board also discussed the need for additional trash pick-ups to alleviate the smell of fish and crab waste during the peak of the season.

Saturation Patrol Numbers

The Lane County Sheriff’s department released their statistics for the special saturation patrol for Rhododendron Days in Florence.  Lane County Deputies handed out 11 citations and made two arrests during the event.  The 2 arrests were for driving under the influence of intoxicants.  They issued 5 citations for speeding and 2 distracted driving citations.  In addition they gave 33 warnings in lieu of citations.  The county also participated in the national “Click it or Ticket” campaign in which they issued 30 seatbelt citations, 42 speeding citations, 20 driving while suspended citations and 8 distracted driving citations.  That program ended June 2nd.  The special saturation patrols are funded by grants through the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association.

Burn to Learn

This Saturday Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue will conduct a Burn to Learn on a building just south of the Siuslaw River Bridge.  The event is expected to last from 9am until 2 pm.  Often buildings that are in poor repair or condemned will be used to provide training for fire and ambulance personnel.  Residents and onlookers are asked to stay clear of the training area as vehicles and personnel will be moving around the area.