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Traffic Flow Radar Installed; Polka Party Host Dies; Blood Needed; Gas Prices Dip Slightly

Traffic Flow Radar Installed

The intersection of Highway 101 and 126 is getting a new system for controlling traffic.  The new radar based system will replace the current loop system that consists of underground magnets.  The radar system will detect the amount of traffic in an area larger than the current loop system can detect which should cut down on traffic wait times and on vehicle idling.  The system is distributed by Advanced Traffic Products out of Everett, Washington and is being installed by Aaken Electric out of Bend.  Public works director Mike Miller says the Radar system works better for our area than the camera based system due to coastal weather conditions that consist of fog and drizzle that can cause poor performance for the cameras.  The 101/126 intersection is the only traffic light that will be upgraded to radar due to the amount of congestion there.  The looped systems will continue at Rhododendron and 101 and 35th and 101.

Polka Party Host Dies

Long time Coast Radio host of the Sunday Morning Polka Party, John Klobas has died.  Klobas was a Navy veteran and a teacher at Lane Community College for many years.  Klobas was passionate about Polka music, and even performed in a polka band for many years.  John Klobas was 89 years old.

Blood Needed

Blood is in short supply for Oregon.  According to the American Red Cross all types of blood are needed to fill a shortfall in supply.  Holidays, like the 4th of July, tend to be a time when more blood is needed and new supplies falling off due to travel and students being out of school.  Christine Welch says student blood donations are significant.

“20% of our blood donations generally come from high school and university students so we’re feeling the need right now and we just want to make sure hospital patients have the blood on the shelves when needed.”

Currently the American Red Cross has no blood drives planned for Florence.  There are several drives in North Bend planned for the month of July.  All blood types are currently in need.  Welch says that O negative, which can be used in most emergency situations, is in very short supply.

Gas Prices Dip Slightly

Other states are seeing a slight increase in gas prices following the 4th of July holiday, but according to Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon, that is not the case here.  Oregon has seen a slight decrease in prices since the holiday with averages for regular gas which is now at $3.21 a gallon.  Here in Florence the average price for a gallon of regular gas is $2.92