Revision Projects Continue on Schedule; Exemption for Polystyrene Ends; Connector Funded

Revision Projects Continue on Schedule

In the midst of a lot of construction on the ReVision Florence project the city has completed many upgrades to side streets throughout town.  Asphalt resurfacing and chip and seal projects finished up last week.  City Manager Erin Reynolds says ReVision work will be ramping up on the west side of highway 101.

“You are going to start seeing more of that right lane closed on the east side of the highway as you travel north.”

Reynolds says they are in the midst of pouring the foundations for the gateway that will be installed at the entrance to Maple Street.  The gateway is a multi-step process with some pieces still remaining to be built.

“We still need to go out and select a manufacturer and somebody to create those.”

Construction has been moving along with weather being a positive factor in the process.  Reynolds says most of the work has been limited to the Monday through Thursday periods allowing for weekend traffic to move along nicely.  Work is on schedule.

Exemption for Polystyrene Ends

Work continues on limiting the number of polystyrene containers.  The City of Florence adopted a prohibition on the plastic containers back in January of 2018, but one of the obstacles had been a retailer that supplied herring bait.  Because of this the city put an exemption in the rules to allow for businesses to find a suitable replacement for the bait.  That exemption ended in July.  The distributor of the herring bait, D. & G. Bait Inc had reported to the city that it is now supplying bait with containers that are made up of 50% reclaimed print scrap and 50% post consumer recycled material.  Smaller herring bait is now packaged with new compostable cellular trays and the company says they are confident that they can find a suitable replacement for the larger packaging by the end of summer.

Connector Funded

The Florence-Yachats connector has received funding for another year.  Money received from the Oregon Department of Transportation discretionary fund will allow for the service to continue.  Fare for the ride is $5.00 which includes a day pass for the Rhody Express.  Service is provided Monday through Friday from 8 am until 7:35 pm.  Some funds have also been granted for the creation of a Florence-Eugene route, but that is currently in the planning stages.