Code Update Process Continues; EMAC Hosts Tome; Storage Wars; Paint and Sip

Code Update Process Continues

The City of Florence and the Florence Planning Commission continue its work on revamping the city’s building codes.  It has been almost 4 decades since the last overhaul of the regulations that guide builders and provide guidelines for growth in the city.  A severe housing shortage is one concern for both entities.  Local builders have long expressed the difficulties involved in building within the city, and moving forward, the City of Florence hopes to ease some of the restrictions to allow a more streamlined process according to city manager Erin Reynolds.

“The City Council sees this as a very positive move.  It’s their number one goal is to work on things is to work on things they as a city to do as a governing body to encourage and incentivize people to build.”

One of the main needs is workforce housing.  The city hope their new codes will allow for more units, quickly, in a way that Reynolds says “makes sense for the city.”  She says they hope to have it all completed by the end of the year.

EMAC Hosts Tome

The Florence Environmental Management Advisory Committee will hear a presentation from the Siuslaw Watershed Council’s Executive Director Eli Tome this evening.  Tome will showcase some of the work over the past two years and how that work has benefitted the community to help the local economy and boost tourism in Florence.  EMAC has extended the invitation to the public.  The meeting will be at city hall this evening at 6pm.

Storage Wars

According to the City of Florence, shipping containers used for storage are popping up more and more around town, and according to city ordinance containers are only allowed for educational use and office space for construction projects.  All container use must go through an approval process with the Florence Planning Commission at a public hearing.  The process takes about 45 days.

Paint and Sip

The Florence Events Center will host a 21 and older event this Friday evening at 6:30 pm.  The Wallflowers and Wine is a paint and sip hosted by local artist John Leasure.  Supplies are included in the $45.00 fee as well as a complimentary glass of wine or beer.  Tickets for the event are available at