Boats on the Port of Siuslaw

Summit Concludes; IGA Moving Forward; 126 Delays

Summit Concludes

Community leaders, businesses and state and federal legislators met for the past two days at the Coastal Economic Summit in Florence.  The group covered many topics of concern for the coast including drought which affects many different areas.  According to Senator Arnie Roblan it impacts farming and fishing which provides food for the table, but also adds to the risk of wildfire.  Congressman Peter DeFazio outlined his work on bringing funding back to help in maintaining our forests and Representative Karin Power from Milwaukie says it is important to have conversations outside of Salem on topics like climate change and how to deal with its effects.  They also spoke in length about the housing crisis and have committed to significant work over the next 6 months in reducing climate pollution.

IGA Moving Forward

Last night the combined boards of Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue and Western Lane Ambulance  went through the second reading of the proposed new IGA that will oversee the administration of both entities.  The Western Lane Fire and EMS authority is moving forward.  The new entity will have direct authority to enter into contracts for some goods and services and will have the authority over hiring and firing the position of Chief and SVFR and WLAD Operation heads.

126 Delays

At a cost of 5 million dollars the new passing lane west of Walton on Highway 126 is nearing completion.  There is still a month left until crews will be able to open the westbound passing lane but a significant move next week will help finish up the project.  Monday through Thursday of next week crews will be onsite 24/7 with flaggers and a pilot car leading traffic through the construction site.  There is still the installation of a culvert to be completed and final paving.  Travelers can expect up to 20 minute delays in both directions.