Recycling Event; Siuslaw Awards Deadline; ReVision Florence; Grant Applications Due

Recycling Event

In an attempt to curb the amount of plastics going into local and statewide landfills the Florence Master Recycler program along with the Florence United Methodist Church are organizing another plastics collection event.  Collections have been limited to plastic milk jugs and return for deposit plastics since China decreased their tolerances on what they would allow to come into the country.  China was the biggest collector of American plastics, especially on the west coast, but years of accepting uncleaned plastics took a toll on that relationship forcing local collectors to limit what they could accept.  The Master Recycler program expands the acceptable containers to include #2, #4, and #5 plastics.  The caveat: they must be pre-sorted, cleaned, dry, stripped of any labeling and lids removed.  Volunteers are needed for this program and can contact Nancy Rhodes.  (Contact information: 415-497-4083 or

Siuslaw Awards Deadline

There is only one day remaining for nominations for the Siuslaw Awards and for Florence First Citizen and Future First Citizen.  Deadline for nominating businesses or citizens is tomorrow.  Nomination forms can be found at the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce’s website at  The Awards ceremony will be held on February 12th at the Florence Events Center.

ReVision Florence

Contractors were back on site yesterday along the highway 101 corridor as ReVision Florence gets back to work after the holiday break.  Alex Hodge construction, ODOT, and the City of Florence will meet today to get information on where the project is and whether or not the timeline will need to be expanded, or whether they are still on schedule to finish the majority of construction by the end of the month.  Crews were scheduled to begin debris removal from the staging are on Quince street in December but little progress has been made.

Grant Applications Due

The Western Lane Community Foundation is coming to the close of its 2020 grant cycle.  Applications for grants are due on January 15th.  in 2019 WLCF gave over $78,000 dollars to non-profits for projects and programs in the areas of education, medicine and science, the arts and social and civic services.  Forms can be found at