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King Tides Return; Budget Committee Members Needed; Local Lakes Stocked

King Tides Return

Some of the largest swells and high tides are expected this weekend and no doubt there will be onlookers along the Oregon coast to see them.  Warnings for the dangerous “King Tides” have been issued across the state.  Last month 2 children were swept away in the northern part of the state.  Chief Boatswains Mate, Jay Nilles says that no matter how much information is out there, some will not heed the warning.

“We try just to remind folks as well as all the folks in media and social media that can get the word out to the public to just watch from a distance.”

Nilles reminds watchers to never turn your back on the ocean.

“Watch the ocean, come backwards, it’s gonna keep your eyes on the water so you don’t have anything sneak up on you and cause an incident.”

King tides will be hitting the beaches this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.


Budget Committee Members Needed

The Siuslaw School Board is looking for volunteers to be part of the Budget Committee.  There are currently 3 positions open on the committee which includes 7 members total and the school’s board of directors.  There is still time to fill out an application which will be reviewed and considered at the School Board Meeting on February 12.  Applications are due in no later than 4 pm on February 11.

Local Lakes Stocked

Anglers can be happy this week as the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife have been stocking local lakes with trout.  All this week area lakes have been filled with various sizes of trout.  Munsel Lake has received a total of 2150 fish, Cleawox has been stocked with almost 2800 fish.  More stocking is planned for next week too. ODFW says the weather is ideal for Steelhead fishing as well.  Annually ODFW stocks lakes and reservoirs around the state with millions of fish.  Stocking schedules and recreational reports are available at myodfw.com