Hospital Sets Up Triage; Mayor Urges Calm and Compassion; OHA Numbers; Governor Shuts Down Elective Surgeries; Banner Bank Limits Lobby Access; Keep Up With Updates

Hospital Sets Up Triage

In preparation for what some health officials say could be an upcoming onslaught of COVID-19 cases in Lane County and specifically Florence, Peace Harbor hospital has moved in a special Triage Trailer that has taken up an area just outside of the hospital’s emergency room.  Chief Medical Officer with PeaceHealth says this will help determine what level of care patients with symptoms require.

“Patients with symptoms, we can screen them and see which ones are serious enough to come into the hospital and which other ones can be sent home and have follow up with their primary care physician.”

One other item of note, Dr. Halliday says more than ever we cannot forget the importance of giving blood.  In times of crisis, blood supplies often dwindle.  She says contact your local blood bank and find the times and locations locally to give blood.

Mayor Urges Calm and Compassion

Mayor Joe Henry issued a letter from the city of Florence regarding the city’s response to the current health crisis.  He outlines the importance of curbing activities that require groups to gather in part to keep those that are most susceptible out of harms way.

“It is our shared responsibility to protect each other and out most vulnerable populations.”

Mayor Henry emphasized the need to stay compassionate and to support each other during these difficult times.  He also reminds people to not pass on unconfirmed information through social media.

”We urge our community to be diligent and insuring the information they consume and share if from official sources.”

The city of Florence has setup a page on their website for information from Lane County Health, the Oregon Health Authority, and the CDC.

OHA Numbers

The Oregon Health Authority is updating the daily numbers of cases of the coronavirus.  The latest count was issued yesterday morning at 8 am and includes 88 cases of confirmed cases in Oregon with 1329 negative results and a cumulative number of test since the beginning of 1854.  There are still 437 cases pending.  That number should continue to increase over the next several weeks.

Governor Shuts Down Elective Surgeries

Governor Kate Brown has officially shut down elective surgeries for the state of Oregon.  A move already instituted locally at Peace Harbor.  Brown indicated that the main reason for the shut down is to preserve the stockpile of Personal Protection Equipment that is very limited at this time.  Non-emergency surgeries and procedures use critical supplies of gowns, masks, and gloves.  The order also covers procedures for dentists and veterinarians.

Banner Bank Limits Lobby Access

Banner Bank has announced that they will follow suit from Oregon Pacific Bank and have limited access to their banking lobby.  This news was posted on their website this morning.  Drive thru and ATM access is still available.  Umpqua, First Community Credit Union and US Bank have not yet decided to limit lobby access, but that could change as updates are coming in hourly.

Keep Up With Updates

There is a constant and fluid update on business closings and restaurants that are remaining open to serve the public.  Coast Radio is maintaining a list on its website and Facebook page.  You can access it by going to