Lane Shows Leveling, State Posts Record Cases; Power of Florence; Yard Debris Collection; Reworking Short Term Rental Rules for Dunes City

Lane Shows Leveling, State Posts Record Cases

12 more COVID-19 cases have been recognized in Lane County.  Yesterday’s report brings the total number of cases to 336 with a report of one more hospitalization.  No new cases have been reported to the 97439 zip code and currently Lane County Public Health is working on contact tracing for the individuals who tested positive.  LCPH public information director, Jason Davis, also reported that one of the cases in Florence was reassigned to another community and that was the reason for the drop in reported cases from 12 to 11.  Davis also said that in recent weeks cases have been doubling in Lane County, but there is some good news to report.

“It does appear though as that real sharp increase is starting to level off.”

Davis says it is still too early to claim a victory, but they are watching it closely and hope that the trend continues.  He also says that the county is now accepting mask donations.  Early on in the pandemic they had no ability for distribution of masks, but rural testing has shown a great need for masks.  Donations can be made in Eugene.  He asks, of course that the masks be clean.

“Put them in a Ziploc bag then also if you could label the size on the bag, that helps us understand how to distribute those.”

Davis says Lane County is conducting about 800 coronavirus tests daily.  Statewide there has been another sharp increase with 437 new cases being reported for a new single day record and two new deaths.

Power of Florence

The Annual Power of Florence is in its 10 year, but this year due to the coronavirus organizers are encouraging everyone to practice acts of kindness tomorrow.  There will be no gathering at the Grocery Outlet Parking lot due to social distancing guidelines in place.  They are, however, gathering gently used books in the Old School Furniture parking lot tomorrow from 10 am until 2 pm.  Hopes are that the traditional Power of Florence will be able to return next year.

Yard Debris Collection

Also tomorrow the City of Florence is having their monthly yard debris collection.  The time for the drop off is from 9 until 2 pm.  There is no scotch broom allowed in the drop off and all debris must be tarped.  Truck loads and trailer loads are accepted.  Costs are 11 dollars for a standard pick-up, and small utility trailers.  Medium trailers are $16 and large utility trailers are $21.  Anything over 20 cubic yards begins at $21 dollars and is an additional $5 per cubic yard.  Cash payments only.

Reworking Short Term Rental Rules for Dunes City

Dunes City is working on drafting new language for an ordinance that will address short term vacation rentals.  In a meeting Wednesday night the council and individuals worked on sharing ideas for moving forward.  Jamie Mills, Dunes City recorder says she will be taking the information from Wednesday’s meeting and revising a draft for the ordinance.  Which she says will then be redistributed to the interested parties.  Dunes City Council wants to clarify what the responsibilities of short term renters are when it comes to noise, parking, pets, off road vehicles and respecting water resources.