In Class Instruction Tabled For Now; Walk-in Clinic Faced Challenges; RealID Compliant; Gas Prices Steady

In Class Instruction Tabled For Now

The numbers just don’t add up.  The hopes for a partial in-school format for the fall combined with a distance learning module have been put on hold.  The plan was for students to be able to return to Siuslaw School by September, but new metrics set forth by the state means those plans are scrapped.  Siuslaw School Superintendent, Andy Grzeskowiak says the contingencies they were working on will have to be postponed.

“For grades 4-12, until the state metrics and county Metrics meet a level they are in comprehensive distance learning.”

One of the metrics needing to improve for students to return to in class studies is the case rate.  Lane county is currently at 18.7 positive cases per 100,000.  That number needs to be 10 or less cases per 100,000 and it must sustain that number for at least 3 weeks.  In addition the testing rate needs to be at or below 5% for the amount of tests administered.  That number is currently in line with the requirements at 1.1% and has been below 2% for the previous 3 weeks.  There is a provision for students in the k-3 grades to return to some in class study, but Grzeskowiak says new studies involving spread by that age group are being looked at that may mean that program too will not move forward.

Cases of COVID-19 across the state continue to be high as testing increases.  Currently the state has accumulated 19,699 positive tests with 342 new cases reported yesterday.  Additionally 5 more deaths have been blamed on the coronavirus.  All the latest victims were in their late 80’s and on in their late 90’s, all of which had underlying health conditions.  Lane County also saw an increase of 12 new cases for a total of 536.  The number of current infections is 40 with 4 hospitalized.  The Florence count continues to remain at 18.

Walk-in Clinic Faced Challenges

Head of the Peace Harbor walk-in clinic, Cheri Payne, says they were overwhelmed by calls after 2 employees of Dutch Bros in Florence tested positive for COVID-19.  She says the week and a half after the announcement caused long wait times and even some dropped calls.

”Our apologies to everyone who was trying to get a hold of us that couldn’t because we wanted to be there for the community.”

Payne says they have beefed up staffing for the phone lines and have systems in place were a second incident to happen in Florence.

RealID Compliant

The Governor’s office has announced that the state of Oregon is now in compliance for the federal Real ID act.  Beginning October 1 2021 the Transportation Security Administration will require travelers to have an identification that complies with the Real ID act.  Oregon has information on how to obtain an Oregon Real ID at  There is an additional $30 fee for the new ID.  Oregon DMV is currently scheduling appointments online at

Gas Prices Steady

Gas price increases have hit the brakes according to Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon.  She says despite the increase for demand over the past week, Oregon prices have dropped a penny to $2.65 a gallon for regular.  Here in Florence the average price for regular gas is also steady at $2.46 a gallon.