Weekly Rates Continue to Climb; New Rules For Counties; Healthy Eating for the Holidays

Weekly Rates Continue to Climb

The Oregon Health Authority released its weekly report yesterday amid another 1,244 cases of the coronavirus.  The weekly report says the state is still seeing week over week increases in COVID-19 cases with 9,100 cases last week, a 5% increase over the previous week.  Florence cases are still on the rise with another case being reported yesterday bringing the total in the Florence area to 46.  Dr. Willy Foster the director of the Emergency Department of Peace Harbor hospital says one of the reasons for the rise in COVID-19 cases is people are just not taking the virus seriously.

“A lot of the spread is from people who are often asymptomatic, so the idea that well I am quarantined because I have symptoms and now that I am over my symptoms are gone or I never had symptoms I don’t need to follow all these directions, is not true.”

Yesterday in Lane County there were another 88 cases reported with the infectious numbers rising to 339, the most at any one time in the county since the beginning of the pandemic.  The number of hospitalizations in Lane County has also more than doubled with 45 people currently in the hospital with 10 of those in the intensive care unit.  The OHA warns that not practicing the guidelines set forth by the agency will likely lead to a greater outbreak of the virus.

New Rules For Counties

Lane County is listed with 24 other counties for extreme risk in spreading the coronavirus.  Governor Kate Brown rolled out the new risk level guidance chart today as the two week freeze ends across the state.  Rather than looking at the counties through a phased framework county’s individual numbers will determine what activities and business practices will be allowed.  Retail businesses will only be allowed 50% occupancy and faith based institutions, which includes funeral homes and cemeteries are only allowed a 25% and churches will have to limit services to an hour.  Where possible the chart also recommends that offices close to the public and requires remotely working from home when appropriate.  Restaurants will be allowed to provide outdoor seating as long as specific guidelines are followed.  Social gatherings are not recommended and it is requested that if you do have them, limit them to two households and 6 people.  Douglas County, to the south of Florence is also in the extreme risk category.  Lincoln, to the north is listed as High risk.

Healthy Eating for the Holidays

With the holidays upon us many are concerned about the amount and types of food that will be circulating.  Christmas time is generally a time for sweet treats and heavily caloric food to be available.  This year with the stresses of the coronavirus and many people’s shut in status, health officials say the potential for unhealthy eating is greater.  Cecilia Jacobsen is a Registered Dietician with PeaceHealth Riverbend and says one way to counter the anxiety and stress of the season is to Take 10.

“So you may feel a lot of stress and pressure to be everything to everyone, but remember you are only one person.  Life is busy enough with work, home, online schools and not the added responsibility of the holiday season.”

Jacobsen says self care is not something that should suffer during these times.  She says just 10 minutes a day to sit quietly without distraction can do a lot to creating good health during a stressful time.