5 More Cases; Vaccine Rollout Still Slow; Staffing Issue As Cases Mount

5 More Cases

The numbers of the coronavirus in Florence continue to rise.  Yesterday Lane County Public Health added another 5 cases to the total increasing it to 116.  At the beginning of the pandemic most of the positive cases were found through testing at locations in Eugene, but lately the testing administered at Peace Harbor Hospital has been the epicenter for new cases.  Dr. Heather McArthur, Medical Director for the hospital says they are getting two to three positive results at a time. Not much can be released due to HIIPA restrictions, but she did give insight to the origins.

“What I can say is that most of them are coming from small communal gatherings that have contributed to this spike. Where groups are gathering in small numbers, letting their guard down, not wearing masks, sharing food together.”

45 cases in the last two weeks have been added to the Florence numbers and people are encouraged to continue to social distance, wear masks, and wash hands as more people are circulating in the community, potentially asymptomatic, without knowledge of being positive.

Vaccine Rollout Still Slow

Efforts to expand the number of vaccinations given is not yet taking effect.  Yesterday’s total was 5,249 which included 1,820 doses recorded on Wednesday which was a decrease of almost 1000 shots.  It also included 995 second doses which takes the number down even more.  Governor Brown indicated that she would like to see 12,000 vaccinations administered daily.  With a population of more than 4 million people in the state, it will take quite some time before the general public will be vaccinated, even if the 12,000 dose goal is met.  Right now health officials are concentrating on care providers and first responders.  Walgreens, parent company of Rite-Aid has a contract to provide vaccines to long term care facilities and is in the process of getting those vaccines to those individuals.

Staffing Issue As Cases Mount

Lane County reported 76 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday as the state saw 867 new cases.  There have been 7,456 cases total for Lane County.  Jason Davis with LCPH says it has been difficult to trace case origins due to the amount of cases daily and the number of staff available.  Cases numbers continue to be heavy around the county.  Hospitalizations are at 37 with 7 in ICU and one on a ventilator.  Cases that require hospitalization in Florence continue to be transferred to PeaceHealth Riverbend.