5 New Florence Area Cases of COVID-19; “Mountain” Moved to Reopen 126; Power Still Out in Some Areas…Affecting School in Mapleton

5 New Florence Area Cases of COVID-19

Yesterday the Oregon Health Authority released the new numbers for the state and Lane County Public Health released their latest update.  The Florence area has seen another 5 cases bringing the coast’s total to 124 cases.  Lane County has exceeded the 8000 mark based on updated totals provided by the OHA late last night with 457 individuals currently considered infectious.  Jason Davis with Lane County Public Health did confirm that two individuals that were part of one of the outbreaks associated with religious gatherings did succumb to the coronavirus.  In addition there have also been 2 new deaths reported yesterday.  Medical transports are continuing from Peace Harbor hospital to Eugene on an almost daily basis.

“Mountain” Moved to Reopen 126

The Oregon Department of transportation says it removed more than 2500 cubic yards of material from 126 following yesterday’s closure.  Both lanes had to be closed as the road was completely covered.  After the debris was removed it was determined that there was no significant damage to the roadway and traffic was allowed to resume at around 11:40 Wednesday morning.  at about the same time Oregon 36 was able to reopen in both directions near Swisshome where debris had also covered part of the road due to a slide in the area.  High tide did interfere with traffic at the train trestle in Cushman yesterday as waters covered the roadway making it impassable.  Traffic resumed around 1:30.

Power Still Out in Some Areas…Affecting School in Mapleton

Power outages continue to plague our area.  Central Lincoln PUD shows almost 400 outages along the coast including Mapleton Schools.  School Superintendent Jodi O’mara says that classes have to be cancelled again today for limited in school sessions, but that online sessions will continue with the exception of 1st and 2nd grade zoom meetings and story times.  Food deliveries for the district will go on as scheduled.  According to O’mara there will not be a learning packet delivery today.