New COVID-19 Cases; Low Flu Numbers Continue; City Council to Consider Approving Annexation; Extension of Emergency Declaration Considered

New COVID-19 Cases

Despite many individuals receiving the COVID-19 vaccine the coronavirus is letting us know that it is still around.  Over the weekend the Florence Area continued to show more instances of the virus with 4 more residents testing positive for it.  The case count in Florence is now at 189 cases.  Over the past 2 weeks there have been 10 new cases reported in the area and with the spring weather approaching, it is important to remember to keep vigilant and maintain the practices that kept Florence relatively safe.  Hand washing, masking and maintaining social distance are important even though restrictions are lighter under the latest guidance from the state.  The weekend saw 112 new cases for the county and 1,346 new cases across the state.  There were also 7 new deaths attributed to the coronavirus.

Low Flu Numbers Continue

The flu virus continues to be below historic numbers according to the latest Oregon Health Authority reports.  Over the past week there was only one reported case of the flu and that came from central Oregon. The OHA is reporting that there have been record numbers of immunizations for the flu, and there have been no major outbreaks the entire flu season.

City Council to Consider Approving Annexation

The Florence City Council will consider the approval of an ordinance annex the portion of property on the north side of Florence.  The Benedick Holdings, LLC request has been a hot topic over recent months with many residents adjacent to the property concerned that the annexation is just the first step in annexing other properties along the path of new city water and sewer facilities that would be part of the approval.  Properties that are in the path of the new annexation would then be subject to having to connect to city water and sewer if at any time their septic systems were to fail.  The city council will be reviewing a final document submitted by the representatives of Benedick Holdings LLC before making a decision on the property.

Extension of Emergency Declaration Considered

The city will also consider extending the Emergency declaration for Florence in light of the covid-19 pandemic.  The recommendation from the city staff is to extend the current declaration until June 8 of 2021.  The declaration will allow for the city to request assistance from the state of Oregon as well as federal agencies, adopt temporary rules and policies regarding city facilities, funds, fees, resources and staff as well as emergency procurement of goods and services along with public improvements.


The Florence City Council meets this evening via their gotoweginar platform at 5:30.