Siuslaw Sunset

Heatwave Declaration; Pandemic Restrictions End Wednesday; Vehicle in Water; New COVID Case for Florence

Heatwave Declaration

Temperatures over the weekend continued to rise as expected with communities exceeding the predicted highs.  As close as Mapleton individuals were reporting triple digit temperatures as Florence got into the low and mid 80’s around the city.  In an emergency declaration, governor Kate Brown lifted restrictions on swimming pools, movie theaters and shopping malls in order to provide relief from the extreme tempetatures.  Temperatures are still expected to be in the 90’s in the valley today and north in Portland temperatures will be above 110 degrees.  Along with the high temperatures there are extreme fire conditions for most of the state.  here in Florence the fire risk is currently posted as moderate though conditions could change as warmer conditions and limited moisture remain in the forecast.

Pandemic Restrictions End Wednesday

Governor Kate Brown on Friday said that either by 70% vaccinations or by the 30th of June the economy of Oregon will open up.  Brown says she will lift restrictions brought on by the pandemic.

“No more statewide mask requirements in most settings, no required capacity limits and no required physical distancing.”

Brown had hoped that vaccination rates would remain steady through the month of June, but falling numbers, and limited response in southern and eastern Oregon has meant missing the goal of June 21st.  on Friday the state reported 69.1% of the population has been vaccinated and that number is expected to rise when the OHA updates their page today.

Vehicle in Water

Coast Radio News reached out to the Lane County Sheriff’s department to find out the circumstances that caused a LCSD truck to be caught in the ocean.  Pictures circulated on social media over the weekend of the vehicle almost completely submerged.  There has been no response as of yet.

New COVID Case for Florence

Florence has recorded another case of COVID-19 over the weekend bringing the total to 259.  Over the past two weeks there have been a small number of cases added to the area and the county overall has added 219 cases over the same two week period.  Lane County reported 13 new cases yesterday and the state added 138 cases.  Daily vaccination rates have dropped to below 8,000.  Over the weekend several planned vaccination clinics were cancelled due to the extreme heat which likely has contributed to the decline in cases.