Latest: Tsunami Advisory Cancelled



The National Tsunami Warning Center has issued a tsunami advisory this morning, Saturday, January 15, for the coast of Oregon, Washington and California, due to a large undersea volcanic eruption near Tonga. Residents in coastal areas are advised to move off beaches and out of harbors and marinas. Waves of 1 to 3 feet along the coast of Oregon and Washington are expected. The first waves arrived at the Oregon Coast around 8 a.m. and could continue for up to 24-hours.

“Stay away from port harbors and low-lying beaches because those strong currents can still cause a lot of damage, and you could be potentially risking your life,” Oregon Office of Emergency Management Geologic Hazards Coordinator Althea Rizzo said.

Rizzo said it is important to know if your home, work, school, etc., are in a tsunami inundation zone.

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This is a message from Lane County Emergency Management: The National Tsunami Warning Center has issued a Tsunami Advisory for the Oregon Coast with the first wave expected in the Florence, Oregon area between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. today, Saturday, January 15. Recommended actions for those in the tsunami zone include: stay alert for more information, and stay off the beach and marina areas until a cancelation notice is received.

Tsunami advisories mean that a tsunami capable of producing strong currents or waves dangerous to persons near the water is expected or is already occurring. Areas in the advisory should not expect widespread inundation. Tsunamis are a series of waves dangerous many hours after initial arrival time. The first wave may not be the largest.