Schools Continue to See COVID Increases; 27 New Cases of COVID-19; Inn to Replace Restaurant with Market; Wine and Chowder Moving Forward

Schools Continue to See COVID Increases

Siuslaw School District continues to have cases of COVID-19 in their schools.  Superintendent Andy Grzeskowiak sent out another letter yesterday to inform parents and staff of the latest cases which involve all three schools.  Grzeskowiak says the instances of COVID-19 is ongoing and increasing.  And he expects this to be a regular occurrence over the next several weeks if not months.  One of the issues is parents sending their children to school thinking their symptoms are not COVID.

“What we’re seeing is people mistaking initial symptoms, onset of symptoms for just a cold, or just allergies, and then kids are coming to school and being tested and turns out they’re positive and have to go home.”

Grzeskowiak says like many institutions the school is not immune from COVID fatigue.  That coupled with families that refuse to get vaccinated are adding to the numbers that the school is currently seeing.  Grzeskowiak says that under current guidelines he does not see an immediate danger of returning to online classes, but a proactive response among parents could help slow the spread of the virus.

27 New Cases of COVID-19

Twenty seven is the latest number to come out of Lane County Public Health for the 97439 zip code.  As reported the numbers reflected have increasing due in part to the rising numbers in Siuslaw Schools.  There have now been 1,127 all time infections in the community and one hundred and seventy nine in just the past two weeks.  Community spread continues to be the main transmission of the virus.  The numbers all around continue to be high as the state hits another one day high of 10,034 cases.  Lane County continues to have its share of cases reporting 747 yesterday.  Washington and Multnomah counties continue to register the highest numbers.   OHA is reporting that hospitalizations are down, but there were still 441 new admissions last week.  Another surprising number is the breakthrough number.  Breakthrough cases have dropped below 20%.  The vaccinated population, that are getting the virus, is now at 19% of all cases, down from its highest point at almost 34%.

Inn to Replace Restaurant with Market

Businesses are learning to operate under new models during the coronavirus pandemic. One example is the upcoming changes at driftwood Shores Surfside Inn.  The restaurant closed earlier this week and when it reopens in the spring it will feature a market and deli to better serve the needs of guests and visitors.  That’s according to Shelly Conlon who is the director of sales and marketing at Driftwood Shores, she added   what will not change is their ability to provide resources for conferences and meetings.

“The banquet space on the second floor, that will not change very much so we will still be able to host events and cater to them as well.”

Most of the motel units, she says, are equipped with kitchens so in addition to being a source for prepared food, Conlon said guests will also have an offering of supplies with which to cook their own meals or even pick up a picnic for the beach.

Wine and Chowder Moving Forward

The Florence Area Chamber of Commerce continues to move forward with their annual Wind and Chowder Trail.  Moved from October to February, chamber President and CEO Bettina Hannigan says under the current COVID climate the oneness of covid enforcement will land on the individual locations providing the wine and chowder.  Hannigan is asking for compassionate compliance in order for the event to be successful.  She says that from a tourism perspective February is actually a fabulous time to visit the area and the addition of the wine and chowder trail enhances that visit.  Locations are still being determined and a full menu of participants is expected soon.