Concern Over School District Special Meeting

Concern Over School District Special Meeting

The special Siuslaw School District school board meeting called for tomorrow evening is getting some attention of some of the parents.  The special ZOOM meeting was called last night and is scheduled for tomorrow evening at 6 pm.  Jennifer Waggoner with R&R King Logging and a parent of two high-school students says there are a couple of concerns she has about the last minute meeting.

“The meeting was very last minute and in addition to that they have made it a zoom meeting which for weeks they have been holding meetings in person so that people can participate.”

Waggoner says that the topics and possible decisions to be made have not been communicated to the general public and she fears that if approved they will have very negative effects on the children.  While the policies continue to evolve with the changes in the virus she says the kids are already suffering.

“And all that uncertainty creates so much uncertainty in our kids that are already nervous about what is going on and that is coming next.”

Waggoner says at the least there needs to be more transparency and communication, not only with parents, but also with the students and adds that being allowed to voice those concerns to the Board is extremely important.  She says the board has asked people to share their comments before hand and she fears that will limit the number of people being heard.

“You know if 100 people make the same comment I think that’s worth noting because that means there’s a 100 people that maybe share the same opinion.”

The meeting is tomorrow evening at 6 pm.  The board will consider limiting off campus lunches and mandating masks for all sporting activities and practices.