High Speed Chase Update; Coast Radio Upgrades; COVID-19 Cases; Crab Season

High Speed Chase Update

Friday’s High Speed Chase through Florence ended in the arrest of two individuals  a detailed release from Florence Police described the chase from the Florence borders that began much earlier in Coos County.  Sheriff’s deputies from Coos and Douglas County pursued a Pick-up truck with two individuals.  Florence Police was asked to attempt to spike the vehicle and a strip was deployed on the north side of the Siuslaw River Bridge.  The vehicle crossed the strips at a high rate of speed compromising the vehicle’s tires.  The vehicle continued through Florence speeding and swerving in and out of lanes leaving pieces of tire along the several mile stretch.  The vehicle was eventually driving on its rims that also began to deteriorate.  the vehicle came to a stop north of town on the bridge by Sutton Lake.  Both occupants got out of the vehicle and the male evaded capture while the female, a juvenile runaway was detained.  The male suspect was captured after an officer caught up with him and tazed him.  The individuals were returned to Coos County Sheriff’s deputies custody.

Coast Radio Upgrades

Coast Radio has completed an upgrade on its signal that is located in Mapleton.  KCFM 103.1 received a recent power upgrade and has relocated its antenna to a new tower location.  The result is more than a 200% power increase for the signal and can now be heard throughout the mapleton community and reaching into deadwood and Walton.  Jon Thompson, Owner and general Manager of Coast Radio said it was about making an investment to better serve a significant portion of the population of western Lane County.  Recent rule changes by the FCC permitted the increase in AM translators allowing for the upgrade and relocation.  Thompson says not only will the increase allow for the station to better serve the community, but he hopes to expand the live coverage of Sailor sports as well.  Thompson says next on the list in an upgrade of KCST 106.9 which is expected in mid to late spring of 2022.  Thompson also announced the partnership of the stations with George Henry and his wife Deb Jameson.

COVID-19 Cases

There are currently 1,416 cases of COVID-19 all time in Florence.  That include an increase of 14 on Friday, but numbers do show a steady decrease.  The two week total for cases is now at 168.  With new numbers expected out today it will show if the decrease will continue into this week.  The Omicron surge is expected to diminish and Governor Kate Brown is expected to lift the mask mandate by at least March 31st if not sooner.  Lane County reported 266 new cases on Friday and the total of cases per 100,000 dipped to 429.8 a single day low not seen since the first week of January.

Crab Season

After starting on time for the first time in years, Oregon’s Dungeness crab season is seeing a record-breaking haul. According to reports crabbers have brought in about $80 million this season, which began Dec. 1, according to Tim Novotny with the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission. It’s the most revenue since the 2017-2018 season, which brought in $74 million, according to the commission. Crabbing season lasts until August. Novotny says more than 15 million pounds of crab have been collected so far this season. There were only 12 million pounds of crab caught in all of last season.