COVID-19; Road Conditions; Emergency Snap Benefits Continue; Grants Distributed


It will still be another two weeks before we know how many cases of COVID-19 have impacted the community.  Oregon is now updating zip code information once a month and that means it will be October 12th or possibly the 19th before the next reporting.  The Oregon Health Authority did release weekly numbers of cases yesterday.  There were 4,553 new cases last week across the state.  as of Saturday the 23rd there were 268 individuals in Oregon hospitals and there were 41 deaths that were associated with the coronavirus.  Test positivity rates have jumped from 9.2 to 14.9%.  there are very few cases of the BA4 variant of the virus with BA5 making up the majority of cases at 95.2%.  just over 19,000 oregon residents have received the new booster shots.  Lane County has reported their weekly numbers with 303 cases listed.

Road Conditions

The Oregon Department of Transportation issued a cautionary warning for drivers.  They warn that the wet road conditions following a dry spell can bring out oil and grease that can make roads unexpectedly slick.  They ask drivers to de aware of conditions, slow down, and check your vehicle for needed repairs like windshield wipers, brakes and tires.  They report it does not take much rain for poor conditions to manifest.

Emergency Snap Benefits Continue

If you receive SNAP benefits from the state, you will continue to receive emergency funds through the month of October.  There were still funds available from monies allocated to COVID-19 releif.  Recipients will not have to reapply for the benefits, they will automatically be transferred.  Jana McLellan, the interim directory of the Oregon Department of Human Services, Self-Sufficiency programs says many Oregonians are still struggling with providing basic needs and that information on assistance can be accessed by dialing 211.

Grants Distributed

Abel insurance agency was one of 29 insurance agencies across the state to receive part of a $913,000 grant to create awareness of the Marketplace health insurance open enrollment period.  Open enrollment will run from November first through January 15th.  The Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace runs and helps people get insurance when they do not have coverage available through work and do not qualify for the Oregon Health Plan, Medicare or another program.