Breaking News: Mapleton Water System Fails

The Mapleton Water District is once again experiencing problems with its water system.  Millie Rochon the Vice-Chair of the Mapleton Water District says while it is unclear what the exact problem is they believe that a leak has developed somewhere in the system between the pump and the holding tank.

“We have to assume that there is a giant leak somewhere, there’s not even enough pressure to get water at the plants where they are pumping the water.”

Rochon said they experienced  a problem before Christmas but were able to resolve it by rebuilding one of the pumps, but this issue she says is different.  Everything came back on line for a time but since this new weather system moved in there has not been water available.  In the meantime customers are asked to take precautions.

“We are trying to figure out where this leak is, we are trying to pump water but we need everyone to boil and conserve.”

Rochon says out of the 260 lines no one currently has a significant amount of water available.