Trash Days Could Change; Internships; Community Input Sought; One Antibody No Longer Effective

Trash Days Could Change

Customers of Central Coast Disposal, one of the garbage pick-up services in the area, received post cards this week from the other local service advising them of a change coming to the billing system and possibly to garbage pickup days.  Brian Enochian, with County Transfer and Recycling, says that’s because County Transfer bought out Central Coast late last year and they’ve been working out the details of combining the two customer data bases.

“We’re still kind of in the infant stages of merging it right now.”

Enochian says “in town” customers likely won’t see a change in pickup days, but those who live north and south of town will.  Those changes aren’t coming for several more weeks.

“We’ll be doing reroutes and getting new trucks on routes, sometime by the end of march.” 

He added the merger likely won’t have an adverse impact on rates.  Central Coast Disposal customers will get another postcard with more information in about 6 to 8 weeks.


South slough Reserve in Charleston is looking for spring and summer interns.  Internships are for several areas including trail guides and field work in the reserve.  Deborah Rudd is the public involvement coordinator and she says they are recruiting for several individuals to fill positions.  There is a $19 per hour stipend and college credit for the work.  The spring internship runs from March 28th through June 5th . and requires about 6-9 hours per week.  The summer program is from May 30th until August 8th and is 30-35 hours.  The program is ideal for students wanting some time outdoors and money.  Deadlines for applications are March 2nd for the spring and March 28th for the summer.  Full details are at

Community Input Sought

The Lane County Behavioral Health Stabilization Center is looking for community feedback on it center.  Over the next two months their team will be hosting listening sessions for community members as it works to set priorities and considerations for how the facility moves forward.  The stabilization center offers 24-7 access to anyone in Lane County who is experiencing a behavioral health related crisis.  The first of the sessions will be held on Thursday February 16th and will cover the building and design.  They will also have sessions on Community Impact, programming  and other projects.  Details on all of the listening sessions is available at

One Antibody No Longer Effective

If you have used the monoclonal antibody Evusheld for COVID-19 prevention, the Oregon Health Authority says it will likely not help against the current strains of COVID-19.  The OHA issued a deauthorization as recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  The new variants are making up about 94% of the new cases and the therapy has not shown to assist in fighting these new variants.  The OHA report says there are other options that can be authorized by your primary care provider.