Backflow Testing; LRP – Rumors; Fix Your Screens; Commercial and Recreational Salmon Fishing

Backflow Testing

The City of Florence is in the process of performing its annual residential back flow testing. Now through the end of the month personnel from Olson LLC will be conducting the testing and will be shutting off water to residences for a brief period to conduct the tests.  The City has provided photos of the three people conducting the testing.  They have been the same personnel for the last several years according to a release issued yesterday.  The process generally takes just a few minutes and you will receive a knock on the door prior to the water being shut off.  If water is in use, they will move on to the next house and return when the water is no longer being used.  Testing is required by city code and the Oregon Administrative Rules to help protect the water system.  The City of Florence operates under a pressurized system and any sudden drop in pressure can potentially suck contaminants into the water supply.  Back flow testing can discover potential problems before they happen.

LRP – Rumors

The Last Resort Players are opening two weekends of a much-heralded farcical comedy this Friday at the Florence Events Center.  Rumors, was written by Tony Award Winning Neil Simon in 1988 when, in his words, he “needed cheering up”.    The director of the L-R-P production, George Caldwell, says the play opens with the arrival of four “power couples” gathering at a Bay Area townhouse party only to discover their host has shot himself… in the ear lobe… and the hostess has gone missing.  As the other guests arrive, the deceits pile up and become more elaborate.  Caldwell calls the show hilarious, but some of the language can be profane and it is intended for mature audiences.  There are two Friday evening performances, each at 7 PM, the 17th and 24th.  Matinee presentations will be presented at two PM Saturday and Sunday the 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th.  Tickets are available at the FEC box office.

Fix Your Screens

Florence Habitat for Humanity will be offering a do it yourself class on how to fix your screens.  Springtime can be a time for bugs and flies to find their way into your home and over time screens can become brittle and break or tear.  This Saturday  from one to two pm you can learn how to fix them with a free class.  Supplies will also be provided.  Space is limited so you will need to sign up at

Commercial and Recreational Salmon Fishing

Last week’s closing of commercial and recreational salmon fishing on the ocean is the result of severely low forecasted returns in California.  Commercial Ocean troll salmon fishery is closed from Cape Falcon to the California Border and recreational ocean salmon fishery is closed from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mountain. Eric Schindler is ODFW’s ocean salmon project leader says the impact to salmon stocks needs to be kept low in order to increase the population.  More potential closures could be announced in April, but will need final approval by the US Department of Commerce by May 15th.