Breaking: Another New Scam Alert From Florence Police

More concern over scams as chief John Pitcher with the Florence police department has provided information that another florence resident has been cheated out of thousands of dollars as recently as this week.  He says that people spoofing the local police number and using the name of an actual employee of the Florence police department threatened an individual with legal consequences if they did not immediately pay or become subject to an inspector general investigation.

“We would never ask anyone to do anything with their money, ever.  The inspector general would never ask anyone to do anything with their money, ever. You have to confirm, we are just trying to protect everybody please take care, confirm, always confirm, call us.”

Chief Pitcher says many of these scams come from locations outside of the U.S. and they are almost impossible to trace.

“They’re hard to catch, they’re really hard to catch so its very difficult to get any  money back for anybody so we really want to stop it before it happens.”

Chief Pitcher says to hang up and call immediately of you are called and call the direct number to the Florence police at 997-3515.  He says it is imperative that they receive notice of any scam so they can in turn consult with the inspector general’s office.