More on Scams; Paid Internships; Spring Break Weather; Public Arts

More on Scams

A conversation with Florence Police Chief John Pitcher yielded a great deal of information on local scams that have been circulating in the community.  Chief Pitcher compiled a detailed list of the activities that have been recognized in the Florence area.  He stated in his report that Florence citizens have been tricked out of thousands of dollars over time.  He listed 9 of the popular scams that have been tried including Technical support scams that notify you that they are with a large tech company and inform the individual that they have a virus on their computer and then gaining your trust ask for access to your computer to repair the problem. If you have any questions or concerns about an email, a caller or even someone visiting your home or business in person you can contact the Florence Police Department at 997-3515. The complete list that Chief Pitcher put together is available on our website attached to this news story at or

Paid Internships

A program funded by Connected Lane County will provide juniors and graduating seniors with the opportunity to learn about a field they are considering for their future.  Businesses that sign up with the program can have students work as interns during 7 weeks this summer.  The internships will pay the student $17.00 per hour to work beside individuals in a chosen field to gain insights and practical experience. Information on the opportunities are available at

Spring Break Weather

Spring Break is just about to happen and the Oregon Department of Transportation is issuing caution before traveling.  ODOT says that though spring is here, winter is not quite through spreading snow.  Snow is predicted in the cascades and the Coast Range over the next several days.  Drivers should be prepared if they are traveling through these area en route to their destination.  Including carrying chains, having a full tank of fuel, and get your battery checked.  Be sure to include water, snacks, medications and warm clothing. is also a good tool to use.  ODOT says crews will be working through the weekend and the days ahead to make sure the roads are kept clear but there is still a danger.  Travel information released by ODOT says to stick to major thoroughfares and avoid less traveled roads as they are often the last to receive maintenance.

Public Arts

The City of Florence Public Arts Committee meets Monday afternoon to review and consider the acceptance of their two-year work plan.  In addition to the work plan and other reports, one member of the committee presents a brief program each meeting about public art that has excited them.  This month Arts commissioner Peggy Meyer will talk about “The Arts in Italy”.  The Public Arts Committee meeting is Monday, 5:30 PM at city hall.