Whitmore Classical Academy; Taxes Return; Scare-Venger Hunt; FEC Arts

Whitmore Classical Academy

The Siuslaw School District Board of Directors will take up the application again this week for the Whitmore Classical Academy, a public charter school allowed under state statute.  The previous proposal was “disallowed” by the board in June with direction to backers to clarify 9 different concerns expressed by administrators and directors of 97J.  Whitmore Academy board chair Kay King wanted to be clear in saying this is not a new application.

“The original proposal is still the one being resubmitted with revisions.  And so, they’ve had the document in front of them for quite a while.”

She added that a decision this week will give them the ability to move forward on additional fund-raising as well as a physical location.  It’s not clear yet whether or not the Siuslaw Board will take formal action Wednesday.  Chair Brian Lacouture says if his board believes all of the concerns have clearly been met, they do so.  If it’s not clear and directors need more time to study the revisions it would be on the agenda for November 15th.

Taxes Return

The largest tax surplus in Oregon history will be returned to Oregonians as a credit on their 2023 state personal income tax returns.  The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis confirmed this week the state will collect more than $5.6-billion above the expected tax collections in 2022 and 2023.  By law, that money must be returned to those who originally paid it.  So, in order to collect, Oregonians who have not yet filed taxes for 2022, must do so in addition to filing for 2023.

Scare-Venger Hunt

The City of Florence is putting the Scare in Halloween. From now until the end of the month people can join the hunt for pumpkins around city parks clues went out on the 6th of October and new clues will be released each week on the 13th, 20th and 27th.  the Great Pumpkin Scare-venger Hunt requires participants to look for the word jumble on Friday’s at the City’s Facebook page and Instagram page solve the puzzle and then go hunting.

“We place it in a few different parks throughout the month, we have prizes that come out and it’s a great way to encourage people to get out and explore our different parks.”

Winner will be drawn from completed entries on Tuesdays following each week’s clue release.

FEC Arts

The Florence Events Center Gallery Events Committee is putting on an Everything Odd-Umn show from now until November 27th with a special reception on October 18th from 5-7pm.  There will be spooky themed art incorporated.  Visitors can also see the art during normal business hours at the FEC provided there are no private events at the time.